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Gordon Ramsay Net Worth

Chef Ramsay net worth is $118 million.

Gordon Ramsay Net WorthDate of Birth: November 8, 1966

Nationality: British

Religion: Christian

Gordon Ramsay is known to people due his reality shows. They became popular all over the world and got numerous TV awards. He is the director and the main star of such reality shows as “MasterChef”, “Hotel Hell”, “Hell’s kitchen”, “Kitchen Nightmares” and many others.

But Gordon Ramsay is not just a TV star. He is a well known chef and the owner of numerous luxurious restaurants all over the world. He has restaurants in USA, Great Britain, Japan, Singapore and many other countries. His restaurants got Michelin stars numerous times.

Gordon Ramsay was born on the 8th of November (1966) in Glasgow, Scotland. The boy was interested in cooking since childhood. Besides he liked to play football. His mother, Helen, supported the hobbies of her son and her other three children. But Gordon’s father was cruel and never valued the achievements of his four children. He punished them cruelly for everything and beat a lot. Later Gordon told that the only useful thing his father made for him is that he had taught him to swim.

When Gordon was 19, he entered North Oxfordshire Technical College. He studied hotel management there. Later he went to Paris to learn French cuisine.
Gordon Ramsay Net Worth

In 1993 Gordon returned to London. There he was offered to work as a chef at Aubergine Restaurant. The restaurant became very successful and Gordon earned a lot. He worked for 10% from the income of the restaurant. In 1998 he earned enough to open his own restaurant. Thus the first brick of his empire was fixed. Later he opened the most expensive restaurants in Paris, Tokyo and New York. People paid $45,000 per dinner in the restaurants of Gordon Ramsey.
Gordon Ramsay Net Worth food

Gordon Ramsay Salary

Per year: $38 million
Per month: $3,1 million
Per week: $792,000
Per day: $113,095
Gordon Ramsay salary seems to be high enough. No other chef can boast with such a big salary. What does Gordon do to earn such an impressive amount of money?

First of all, he earns a lot due to various TV shows he takes part in. Fox culinary reality shows are watched by people all over the world. Due to them, Gordon Ramsay became popular. His shows also became a great advertisement for his restaurant. Chef Ramsay seems to have a real culinary Empire. How many restaurants does Gordon Ramsey have? Just now he has 25 restaurants in the biggest cities all over the world. Many of them were awarded with Michelin stars. The popular chef is not going to stop. He opens new restaurants all the time. Thus, his shows and restaurants bring millions to the chef. Gordon Ramsay restaurants are popular. They are visited by celebrities and other rich people. It is an honor for most of people to arrange family special event in one of the restaurants of Gordon Ramsey.Gordon Ramsay Net Worth

Some amount of money he also got from selling of his book. Gordon Ramsay book is about cooking at home. “Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course” costs about $20 each book, so just imagine, how much money the author has from this book as he sells it all over the world.

Gordon Ramsay Net Worth book Gordon Ramsay Net Worth

In his book famous chef teaches people, how to prepare mouth watering dishes at home. He believes that anyone potentially is a good cook.

Really, Gordon Ramsey earns a lot, but he has to spend a lot too. Thus, he lost a lot of money, when was robbed by his father-in-law and then sued by his “mother-in-law”.

Gordon married Tana Hutcheson in 1996. He liked her father and soon became co-partners and friends with him.
In 2010 Gordon noticed, that his father-in-law cheated him. He found out, that Chris Hutcheson had a secret family, consisted of a wife and two children. He fired his father-in-law for being dishonest. Then Gordon Ramsey was sued by the lover of his father-in-law for intrusion in her personal life. In spite of this sad story, Gordon Ramsey has a lot of reasons to be happy. He is the owner of multiple awards.
Gordon Ramsay Net Worth

Gordon Ramsay Awards

Gordon Ramsey earns his living running his restaurant business and taking part in various TV shows. The talented man got awards in both areas of activity. Thus, he was awarded for his culinary shows numerous times. He received BAFTA TV Award, he got Astra Award twice and he was nominated multiple times as well.

As the chef, he can be proud of 7 Michelin stars in general that his restaurants got. Gordon is the first chef in Scotland, who has won 3 Michelin stars. In 2013 the name of Gordon Ramsay was added to Culinary Hall of Fame.

Gordon Ramsey has a lot of professional achievements. He is successful in his personal life too. He is married happily and has 4 children. Ramsey family lives in a big house.

Gordon Ramsay Houses

Ramsay Gordon LA House – $4, 5 million
There’s a great view from the window of Ramsey Gordon house in Los Angeles. It is not the residence that appeared in numerous reality shows of the star, it is the private house, where Gordon lives together with his wife and their children. Of course, the house has luxurious kitchen, where chef tries his new recipes from time to time. By the way, he told, he cooks at home rarely and only once cooked especially for his wife for their first date.

Gordon Ramsay Net Worth house
Gordon Ramsay Net Worth house

Gordon Ramsay Net Worth house

Gordon Ramsay Net Worth house
Gordon Ramsay Net Worth house Except kitchen, the house also has five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a huge living-room and a swimming pool.

Gordon Ramsay Cars

Ferrari – $1 million
Gordon Ramsay drives occasionally. When the star is in mood to drive, he has great Ferrari for it. He boasts that he has bought the vehicle for $1 million.
Gordon Ramsay Net Worth car
Gordon Ramsay Net Worth car
Gordon Ramsey has the fame and the net worth other chefs can just dream about. Being a celebrity as well, he is for sure, can be considered as very successful person!

Chef Gordon Ramsay

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