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George Lucas Net Worth

George Lucas Net Worth is $5,4 billion

George Lucas Net WorthDate of Birth: May 14, 1944

Nationality: American

Religion: Buddhist/Methodist

Lucas is one of the American most financially successful filmmakers. He is a significant figure in the New Hollywood era. So, how old is George Lucas? His age is rather serious, he is 71. George Lucas birthday is on May 14th. He was born in 1944 in Modesto, California. Here raised there with his parents who were the owners of a stationery store. He lived in a Methodist family. The religion inspired Lucas and influenced on creation of some of his films.

Lucas was very interested in cars and motor racing. He wanted to be a race-car driver. But some incident in his youth had broken his dream. His love and interest to cars also has influenced on creation of some of his films.

She attended Modesto Junior College. Here he became interested in Canyon Cinema. He began filming with own camera. Later he met renowned cinematographer Haskell Wexler who was impressed by Lucas’ talent. They began to work together. Lucas was transferred to the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts. There he also was working under films creation. One of his friends was Steven Spielberg. In 1967 he shot his first student film which in 4 years was made into full-length film. Since that time he felt more confident and began to work hard in this area. His the most successful and well-known creation is film “Star Wars”.
George Lucas Net Worth

George Lucas married twice. His first wife was Marcia Lou Griffin with whom he adopted a daughter. But in two years after the adoption George Lucas divorced. Then he adopted two more children being a single father. His second wife is Mellody Hobson. They have one daughter.
George Lucas Net Worth

George Lucas Salary

Per year: $90 million
Per month: $7, 5 million
Per week: $1, 8 million
Per Day: $360, 000
George Lucas salary mostly depends on his created and written scenarios to the films. For example, his “Star Wars” (6 films) helped him to earn over $5 billion. One more income was in 2012. George Lucas sold his company Lucasfilm to Disney for $4 billion. He also got some money from the sales of the toys from his great film “Star Wars”. So, how much is George Lucas worth? In 2015 his worth was of about $5,4 billion. She is at work doubles from year to year. He’s a lucky man! Besides his earnings and salary he is focused on charity. In 2010 he signed The Giving Pledge.
George Lucas Net Worth

Filmography Best

George Lucas is a great film maker who had created a lot of films. In 1971 he wrote and directed his first film “THX 1138”. In 1973 he wrote and directed the film “American Graffiti”.

In 1977 he began his work from “Star Wars” which became a cultural phenomenon. Then in 1980 he produced and co-wrote “The Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi” in 1983. George Lucas co-created and wrote Indiana Jones films “Raiders of the Lost Ark” in 1981, “Temple of Doom” in 1984, “The Last Crusade” in 1989. From the 1999 he continued his work under ” Star Wars” and  at first created ” The Phantom Menace”, in 2002 —”Attack of the Clones” and in 2005 —” Revenge of the Sith”. In 2008 he wrote sequel “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” to the film “Indiana Jones”. And the last his work was in 2012 —“Red Tails”.George Lucas Net Worth

George Lucas Awards

George Lucas films had made him extremely successful and rich. During his career Lucas won a lot of awards. The first of world he got in 1978 for the best film “Star Wars”. It was Evening Standard British film Award. This year he also won two Saturn Awards also for “Star Wars” as the best director and the best writing. In 1980 he won Hugo Award for best dramatic presentation (” Raiders of the Lost Ark”). In 1983 he won one more Hugo Award for the best dramatic presentation (” Return of the Jedi”). In 1990 he got the third Hugo Award for best dramatic presentation (” Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”). In 2002 George Lucas got not very pleasant Golden Raspberry Award for the worst screenplay (” Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones”) but in 2005 she won Empire Award for the best Sci-Fi/Fantasy (” Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith”). George Lucas movies directed by him are not only of great popularity but also of great critics. It doesn’t stop him to earn billions and have a lot of fans of his movies.
George Lucas Net Worth
George Lucas Net Worth

George Lucas Home

Skywalker Ranch, CA

George Lucas House

George Lucas Skywalker Ranch, CA

George Lucas house

George Lucas Skywalker Ranch, CA

George Lucas House

George Lucas Skywalker Ranch, CA

George Lucas House

George Lucas Skywalker Ranch, CA

George Lucas house is just huge! It is of about 153,000 square feet! It has a big front porch, library, office, 300-seats screening room, underground and outdoor swimming-pool, fitness center, hilltop observatory, underground parking. On the territory you can find a lake, vineyard, fruit and veggie gardens, animal filled barn, racquetball court, restaurant and fire station.

Carpinteria, CA –$ 19,5 million

It has 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, wide terrace, pool, guest house. It’s an amazing place to live in!

George Lucas Net Worth

George Lucas Carpinteria, CA

George Lucas Net Worth

George Lucas Carpinteria, CA

George Lucas house

George Lucas Carpinteria, CA

George Lucas Cars

Ferrari F360 – $95,000.

Mosler MT 900S – $180,000. He was the first who had such a car.

Fiat Bianchina – $9,750. It was his father’s gift and his first car, with the help of which he took part in car-racing. But it was crashed.

George Lucas cars
George Lucas car George Lucas car

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