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Gene Roddenberry Net Worth

Gene Roddenberry net worth is $500 Million.

Date of Birth: 19, August, 1921Gene Roddenberry

Nationality: American

Religion: Agnostic

 Although he died on the 24th of October in 1991 from heart attack, his net worth is used by his heirs. Gene Roddenberry books made him popular. They are read by people worldwide till now, when many years have already passed from his death.

Gene Roddenberry Biography

Eugene Wesley Roddenberry was born on the 19th of August in 1991. His father was a policeman and at first the whole family lived in El Paso. Later his father, while making his career, was forced to move to Los Angeles. There the future writer and producer had spent his young years. Roddenberry visited Franklin High School, where he showed his writing talent from the very beginning. He was a part of school debate team, played the guitar and wrote articles to school newspaper. Nevertheless he had never dreamed about writing career and was going to become a policeman like his father. He entered Los Angeles City College, where attended police classes. After that the World War II took place. Gene Roddenberry served in the Army Air Corps and got the title of a Second Lieutenant.

After the war he served as a pilot and then started to work as a cop. But as he admitted himself, he was not interested in police service, but gladly wrote press releases to the local newspaper. Thus he felt, that writing was his cup of tea.

Later he became a screenwriter. He wrote for the TV show “Dragnet”. To make the show interesting, he described the experience of other policemen that was used in the show. Thus he started to earn much more, making $50 per each description. This job gave him $400 of monthly income that he added to his regular salary. Besides it helped him to develop writing skills. After this job the young man made a strong decision to become a writer.

Gene Roddenberry

He started to work on TV, but TV shows he worked at were mostly connected with police service and law. Thus he wrote for “Have Gun”, “The Lieutenant” and some other TV series, when finally he got an idea to create new TV show, Star Trek. Star Trek Gene Roddenberry has become the most successful of his books. It was also developed into TV series and finally it was transformed into the movie. Till now the heirs of the writer get money from this project.

Gene Roddenberry

Gene Roddenberry Salary

Per year: $80 million

Per month: $6, 7 million

Per week: $1, 7 million

Per day: $238,000

Of course, the earnings of the late writer nowadays belong to his heirs. The writer was married twice and that’s why his two wives and children from every marriage had to share the net worth of Gene Roddenberry. Of course, they couldn’t share such a great amount without a court process.
Gene Roddenberry

The writer owned a lot, when he suddenly passed to the better world. He had real estate for $30 million, various assets and funds. But the main part of his net worth was the former and future earnings of his franchise “Star Trek”. Gene Roddenberry TV shows till now bring his children about $80 million annually.

Most part of his net worth, according to his last will, was inherited by his wife, Majel Barrett. But the daughter from his previous marriage, Dawn, insisted, that her father’s wife influenced him too much and that’s why he left her almost everything. After a long court process, it was proved, that the writer had secret assets that he tried to hide from his first wife. Thus the future earnings of his franchise “Star Trek” were divided between his two wives – the first one and the second one, 50% each of them got.

Gene Roddenberry

Gene Roddenberry Personal Life

Gene Roddenberry wife Eileen Rexroat was his school sweetheart. They got married in 1942. The couple had two daughters – Darleen Anita Roddenberry-Bacha (died in 1995 in car auto accident) and Dawn Roddenberry Compton.

In 1969 the writer got divorced. In fact, he had numerous love affairs, being a married father. When he filed for the divorce, he had relationship with two women at a time – an actress Nichelle Nichols and an actress Majel Barrett. He hesitated, what relationship to prefer, when suddenly Nichelle abandoned him. Then he proposed Majel on phone. They lived together up to his death and had a son Eugene Wesley Roddenberry Jr.
Gene Roddenberry8

The death of the writer was tragic. In fact he used to get drugs to find some inspiration for writing various scripts. Just a year before his death his left hand was paralyzed and he had to use a wheelchair.

On the 24th of October in 1991 he came to the meeting with his doctor. On the way to his office the writer felt bad and lack of air. When the doctor approached him, he was already dead.

Gene Roddenberry Property

Late Gene Roddenberry has the only property – his franchise “Star Trek”. His second wife inherited the rights for this franchise, but not long ago she died too. Now the owner of this intellectual property is Gene’s son, Eugene Wesley Roddenberry Jr, or Rod.

He was just 17, when his father left and he knew nothing about the show. But after his mother’s death he understood, it was he, who had to keep his father’s heritage. Now he is Chief Executive Officer of Roddenberry Entertainment. His main task is to keep his father’s glory.
Gene Roddenberry

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