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Floyd Mayweather Net Worth

Floyd Mayweather jr net worth is $400 million.

Date of Birth: February 24, 1977

Nationality: American

Religion: ChristianFloyd Mayweather Net Worth

Floyd Mayweather jr was born in February, 1977. His father, Floyd Sr, was a professional boxer, so box was in the blood of his son. The mother of Floyd Mayweather jr was called Deborah.

The family lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Floyd’s father trained his son from childhood. When the boy was only 7, his father presented him the first pair of boxing gloves. The parents of the future star had problems with law. His father was taken to prison for drug dealing and his mother was also abused several times. Complicated family life gave the boy inspiration that he expressed at the ring.

When Floyd Sr got out of prison, he became the manager of his son. He did everything to help Floyd Mayweather jr to make career in sport.

Floyd Mayweather Salary in 2015

Per year: $300 million
Per month: $25 million
Per week: $6 million
Per day: $1,2 million

In 2015 Floyd Mayweather became the most high-paid athletes in the world (according to Forbes). What does the sportsman do to earn a lot?

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth Infоgraphics

from 2006 – 2015

Floyd Mayweather. Infrographics Net Worth from 2006 - 2015

First of all, he makes money by boxing.

For every victory at the ring the star gets about $100 million. The year 2015 became the most successful in the career of the sportsmen.He got roughly $300 million for his fight with Manny Pacquiao. The earnings of the boxer for one night were unique. He was the only sportsman, who earned such a great amount of money for one game.

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth

This year, the boxer is going to meet another strong rival at the ring. After that Mayweather net worth is going to become $275 million bigger. The fight with Marcos Maidana is going to be the last one in his career. After that the sportsman plans to retire.

Floyd Mayweather earns not just as a boxer. He has about $15 million annually for his endorsement deals. The boxer appears in various TV shows from time to time too. Thus he was a contestant at the show “Dancing with the Stars” on ABC.

Floyd Mayweather Awards

Floyd Mayweather money is not the only evidence of the financial success of the sportsman. He is the owner of various awards. He got his professional awards, when have just started his career and was considered as a junior. Young Floyd Mayweather has won three national Golden Gloves. In 1996 he won bronze medal at Olympic Games.

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth Floyd Mayweather Net Worth

He started his professional career in 1998 as a featherweight boxer. He won the championship in this weight and later he accumulated awards in four other weight categories. It had made him a unique sportsman.

Nowadays Floyd Mayweather is considered as the best boxer in the world. He is the richest one too. Floyd Mayweather wealth gives him an opportunity to get houses, cars and other assets.
Floyd Mayweather Net Worth

What property Floyd Mayweather owns?

Houses: “Big Boy Mansion” (Los Angeles) – $15 million
Floyd Mayweather house in Los Angeles is considered as the most ridiculous one. The boxer has made it as luxurious as possible. It seemed that the sportsman, who has got a nickname “Money” for his extremely big net worth, tried to show, how rich and capricious he was.

Floyd Mayweather “Big Boy Mansion” (Los Angeles) Floyd Mayweather Net Worth cars

Floyd Mayweather “Big Boy Mansion” (Los Angeles)
Floyd Mayweather “Big Boy Mansion” (Los Angeles)
Floyd Mayweather “Big Boy Mansion” (Los Angeles) Floyd Mayweather “Big Boy Mansion” (Los Angeles)

The house has numerous bedrooms, the shower for 12 persons, the garage for many cars, which the owner has never used, and a swimming pool. A two-screen home movie theater gives Floyed an opportunity to watch new movies just at home. Floyd Mayweather is proud of his house, that’s why he created the account in instagram especially for his house. He posted various photos of his property there. Unfortunately, the sportsman lives there alone. He is single now, but he has four children.

Florida penthouse – $1, 9 million
They say, “Money” is going to sell his penthouse. It has five bedrooms, four bathrooms, an open kitchen and a terrace. The house is full of luxurious furniture. From the window of the house it is possible to see the ocean.

Floyd Mayweather house Florida penthouseFloyd Mayweather Net Worth house

The Sunny Isles Beach home – $1,6 million
Modern, luxurious and beautiful, it is situated just on the beach. The home is cozy. There the star can have some rest after a hectic week.
Floyd Mayweather Net Worth house

Cars: He owns various cars for general amount of $15 million.

Floyd likes collecting cars, but he never drives them. Collecting expensive cars seems a whim of a rich boxer. In fact, Floyd Mayweather is the only sportsman, who is not afraid to demonstrate his wealth. All the other rich sportsmen never show in public, how rich they are. Floyd Mayweather posts various photos in instagram with big bundles of money. He enjoys his wealth as it cost him a lot to earn it!
Floyd Mayweather Net Worth cars
Floyd Mayweather Net Worth cars
Floyd Mayweather Net Worth car
Floyd Mayweather Net Worth cars

Floyd Mayweather is called “money making machine” as well. Really, he managed to earn millions during his career in boxing. He is also considered as “undefeated champion”. He remains the best from the best!

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