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Fifth child to bring happiness in life of Jamie’s Oliver family


The first Sunday of August was special in Jamie’s life – it brought him a present from heaven in the look of tiny baby, born on the 7th day. However it was not the first, dad seemed to be quite excited with the event occurred as according to the lines he wrote on the Instagram:

“And then this just happened guys!! IT’S A BABY BOY !!  Everyone in the Oliver family is very surprised and beyond happy. He arrived safely”.

Jamie Oliver was raised in Cambridge, gaining the first knowledge at Westminster Catering College. This gave him not only the theoretical basis for future career, but also some practical skills the chef soon used, comparing British and Italian cuisine in his famous dishes to prepare.

Jamie is popular mostly because of TV series he participated in or some shows he hosted, trying to teach people not only in USA, where they were actually made, but also in Homeland and other countries how to eat healthily, how to make healthy food tasty at the same time and the most interesting and demanding question – how to cook it quickly, because the majority of people, working one or student, do not own even a single minute to have a meal.

Here one can belong programs, like “Top Gear”, “Iron Chef America”, “Jamie’s Kitchen”, “The Naked Chef” and of course “Christmas at the River Café”, which made a kind of impulse on other projects to start.

Besides, for those who are most likely the ‘bookworms’, Jamie wrote some collections of recipes and pieces of advice, lined on pages. Nowadays you can easily get one in book store as well as find it in the e-format. For those, who search, it will not be a problem. This list includes “Jamie at home…”, “Jamie’s Thirty Minutes Menu”, “Happy Days with Naked Chef” and other publications.

His net worth is $400,000,000, gained from the upcoming and previously made projects. But the wife did some improvements, bringing the new expenses to the budget, which will come after the baby Birth. They will move on the circles of upbringing as they have already done with four children. But still it’s a great joy and pleasure for parents to have one more generation to present the family name.


Jamie and Jools Oliver with children currently stay in Clavering, Essex at a big house.

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