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The most expensive skyscrapers in the world

As the population is growing rapidly, there is practically no space left for people in wideness, so the only way out is to build a shelter for living extremely high. This problem arose at the beginning of the past century, and the first tall buildings appeared in the mid-1930. Since that time the idea to create the highest or the richest house in the world occupies engineers’ thoughts.

Here, in this article, you will find the most expensive skyscrapers in the world, according to the list, made by Emporis. You will definitely ask what it is, so Emporis is among largest and the most influential source for any information, connected with building processes around the globe, being the biggest database.


But before naming the richest brick creations, it should be said about the facts, which impact the cost and the final price.

Here they are:

1 – settling place; this one is tightly connected with maintenance – how the people may easily get there. It would be no use of building the skyscraper in a small town, far from the industrial center;

2 – materials; as nowadays there is a tendency to keep the surroundings clean, the bigger price will be for eco-friendly one;

3 – conveniences, which are offered inside and around. The more tools for guests’ convenience are introduced, the higher total cost will be.

Those are the most significant points for the next identification of the most expensive around-the-world skyscrapers.

So, here they are:

The first place is for One World Trade Center, located in New York, New York State, USA.

Being enormous big and attractive both for workers and tourist, it demanded the huge amount of money for its creation. The price is considered to be $3,9 billion, that’s why it occupies the first place in our rank. The year it was introduced to the world is 2014 – in 3 years after the catastrophe, which happened practically on the exact place. The Twins were the same altitude with Trade Center. In memorial of firefighters, who gave their life to protect people from the disaster, there is a stairwell in the building. It is the simplest way to remember and never allow it to recur.

One World Trade Center, located in New York, New York State, USA.

One World Trade Center, located in New York, New York State, USA.

The second place is shared between The Palazzo in Las Vegas and The Shard in London.

Both of them have the cost $1,9 billion, presenting to be luxury and unique, distinguishing oneself from all others. As for the beginning, the story will be about The Palazzo. Even the name gives some traces about its appearance. It is the treasure for those, who look for a bright rest, offering hotel rooms, casino, huge shopping centre – with designer clothes collections – and even a theatre for more conservative guests. It was opened for visiting in 2007, pretending to be the biggest entertainment and resort spot in Nevada.

The Palazzo in Las Vegas

The Palazzo in Las Vegas

The Shard is a place, where one can find everything for the perfect time spending. Being the tallest building in UK capital, it gives place for offices, restaurants and hotels to provide the best conditions as it may be required by visitors. It appeared in 2013, having the uniqueness in its structure – the energy-saving materials, which were used in order to save money, but first of all nature, when upbringing this brick child to humans. Nowadays, it needs 30% less power, than other skyscrapers.

The Shard in London

The Shard in London

The third step is left for Taipei 101 – the thing to be proud of for Taiwan people.

It stands in Taipei since 2004, demanding $1,76 billion for it being constructed. Here among the modern technologies, the national beliefs do take place – the talk is about the basement, which is in the form of number 8 – the lucky one in Chinese culture. The East world has the traditions practically everywhere; mostly they are correlated with numbers. Except all that stuff, it is really eye-capturing, especially in windy weather, when it seems blowing together with wind – a bit scaring, but impressive.

Taipei 101

Taipei 101

To conclude, it may be added that the world is developing quickly, improving the living conditions with each passing day in order to bring some simplicity in the complicated life.

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