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The most expensive breeds of dogs

Pets are beloved domestic animals, which differ in kind, size, shape and color, which bring pleasure and support in our life. But for other purposes, such as security, work and help a dog was handled centuries ago. The bigger ability to be taught it has, the bigger amount of money it will demand. The list was combined according to The Telegraph.

1.Löwehen and Rotweiler -$7,000

The most expensive dog breed is Löwehen, the price of which is $7,000. The breed is very rare as it firstly appeared at the Renaissance age, becoming immediately very popular.

Breed Löwehen


The modern dog comes from Germany, Belgium and France, being counted at the present moment even in hundreds.

It is nice, with wide skull and round eyes. Being intelligent and friendly, it suits perfectly for home living, even in there are kids inside.

The other dog with the similar cost but different needs is Rottweiler.

breed Rottweiler


Strong, big and devoted – those are the best characteristics for this breed. Firstly it was created for herding the cattle of sheep or cows, but soon after the role transformed into search and rescue one.  The work of such dogs is a must at police stations and rescue groups. Also it may be called a helpful hand for blind people, who suffer in the environment without any guiding.

2. Samoyed and German Shepherd – $6,500

The second position in our rank is also shared by Samoyed, the cost is up to $6,500, depending on the purchasing area – white curly dog, which originally comes from Siberia, the land of snow and severe cold, where the main obligation for such breed was herding.

dog breed Samoyed


However, it may be used in the variety of extreme conditions, one feature is always welcomed – the dog is friendly to children, so they may live together at one place.

Another pattern with the same price is German Shepherd, which was introduced to the world at the end of 19th century. The main functions were guarding and herding as the agriculture was developed very well in those times. There are some drawbacks, connected with health, because when the dog grows older, some health problems may occur.

Dog breed German Shepherd

German Shepherd

3.Canadian Eskimo – $6,000

The third place is occupied by Canadian Eskimo. The final amount of money to be needed is $6,000. The area it is mostly used demands strength and a big energy to stay active throughout different mixed conditions. It presents to be one of the oldest purebred domestic breed of dogs left around the globe. The basic instinct is hunting, the other are just secondary.

Dog breed Canadian Eskimo

Canadian Eskimo

What are the best descriptions? – brave, intelligent and alert.

4.Tiberian Mastiff – Tiberian Mastiff

The dog, which can be bought in a bit lower price, but still being suitable for hunting and herding is Tiberian Mastiff. The final price is $5,000, but it may be correlated with the country of its selling. Besides, the dog obtains one more interesting and practically unique feature – it can be awake all night long, having the day rest.

Dog breed Tiberian Mastiff

Tiberian Mastiff

It is a nocturnal animal, who is especially good in hunting in late hours, because of the high hearing abilities. Even the slightest noise will be caught.

5.Akita – $3,500

The final position in our rank is for the breed, dogs from which are called Akita. The price is quite solid, but not that big as in the previous cases – only $3,500.

Dog breed Japanese Akita

Japanese Akita

There two types up brought: the Japanese and American one. The main feature how they may be distinguished is color. Other qualities the dog may obtain are similar. What it was originally developed for – guarding the territory, what it perfectly does. There are also the negative sides: for example, aggressiveness, which can be shown to other dogs, but never to the owner.

Due to the sizes, it is very alert and quick; the long legs give the force to grow high speed while running.

Dog breed American Akita

American Akita

To sum up, the dogs are considered to be something additional to our life, work or leisure. But it some cases that is not honest  – it may pretend to be a supporter and even a friend, which cares about you as much as it may be allowed, dares you and stays devoted till the end. The breeds introduced here are much more expensive, but if assume the one buys not a dog – the confidence, then don’t miss your chance!

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