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Evander Holyfield Net Worth

Evander Holyfield Net Worth is $500,000

Evander HolyfieldDate of Birth: October 19, 1962

Nationality: American

Religion: Christian

Evander Holyfield is a professional boxer. His nickname is “The Real Deal” because he won World Championship in cruiserweight and heavyweight divisions. But now Evander Holyfield boxing career is already finished because of his age. He is 53 now. This boxer became the World Heavyweight Champion for 4 times.

He won titles in WBA, WBC and IBF for several times. I wonder Holyfield was born in Alabama in 1962. His family had nine children and he was the youngest one. In some time his family moved to Atlanta. It was the place where he started boxing when he was 7 years old. At this age he won a boxing tournament and as the age of 13 he competed in Junior Olympics. In two years Evander Holyfield became the Southeastern Regional Champion he got the Best Boxer Award.

In his boxing early career he had 160 wins, 14 losses. Holyfield at the age of 20 represented the United States in the Pan American Games we are here got a silver medal. He also was on Summer Olympic Games in 1984 where he won a bronze medal. Evander Holyfield started his professional career as a light heavyweight. So, he debuted as a professional when he was 21. The next year he won his first World Championship. During his professional boxing career Evander Holyfield fights was in general amount of 57 from which he had 44 wins, 10 losses, 2 draws and 1 no contest. He had a lot of interesting and not simple fights but he proved that he was one of the best boxers of that time. In 1996 Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield was fighting in the ring and this fight was named the fight of the year. I wonder Holyfield became the first boxer after Muhammad Ali who won for 3 times with the world title. Holyfield retired in 2014 with a personal record.

Evander Holyfield was married for three times and now he is separated from his last wife Candy. In their marriage they have two children. In general he has eleven children. Evander Holyfield children are all from different women.

Evander Holyfield Evander Holyfield

Evander Holyfield Salary

Per year: $500,000

Per month: $41,667
Per week: $9,615
Per Day: $1, 370

Evander Holyfield net worth is just $500,000. He had estimated sums of money after his fights. But besides his salary he had and now has some income from cooperation with different companies such as Coca Cola and Diet Coke. Besides it he had a video game released: Evander Holyfield’s Real Deal Boxing. He also endorses products on television, appearances in numerous television shows and play minor roles in movies. After his retirement from professional boxing he became a television person. All these incomes help him to earn money today.
Evander Holyfield

Evander Holyfield Titles

Evander Holyfield has 20 Major World Titles. Among them WBA Cruiserweight Champion, IBF Cruiserweight Champion, WBC Cruiserweight Champion, WBC Heavyweight Champion, WBA Heavyweight Champion, IBF Heavyweight Champion, two titles of WBA Heavyweight Champion, two titles of IBF Heavyweight Champion, three titles of WBA Heavyweight Champion, three titles of IBF Heavyweight Champion and four titles of WBA Heavyweight Champion. He has also one Minor World Title — WBF Heavyweight Champion. Evander Holyfield has 5 the Ring Championship Titles such as Lineal Cruiserweight Champion, The Ring Heavyweight Champion and 3 titles of Lineal Heavyweight Champion.

Evander Holyfield Evander Holyfield

Evander Holyfield Home

He had a king’s size property in Georgia. His mansion is of about 54,000 square feet which has 109 rooms including 12 bedrooms and 21bathrooms with a large swimming-pool. But as he had problems with money he had to sell it. In 2014 this house was bought by rapper for $5,8 million.

Evander Holyfield Cars

Unfortunately, there is no information about cars he has got.

Evander Holyfield
Evander Holyfield
Evander Holyfield
Evander Holyfield

Evander Holyfield!

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