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Elizabeth Warren Net Worth

Elizabeth Warren net worth is $8, 8 million.

Elizabeth WarrenDate of Birth: June 22, 1949

Nationality: American

Religion: Methodist

Now she owns millions, but in her teens she had to serve as a waitress and couldn’t pay a visit to a doctor when she was ill because her parents were lack of funds.

Elizabeth Warren has nothing in common with a poor girl from Oklahoma.

A brilliant teacher, Harvard Professor, an author of various books and senator, she thinks, the highest peak of Sen. Elizabeth career is yet to come.

Elizabeth Warren Biography

Elizabeth Warren bio starts in the city of Oklahoma, OK, where she was born in 1949, on the 22nd of June.

Her father, Donald Herring, used to work as a maintenance man and her mother, Pauline Herring, was a clerk in the catalogue company. Elizabeth had three elder brothers and all of them lived in a small poor house. During her early years she suffered from poverty. It was going without saying, she couldn’t buy expensive clothes or visit fashionable shops. In fact it was a problem for her parents to get enough food for their children and to call a doctor, because bills for medical care were huge.

Probably, that very time brilliant student of local school Elizabeth Herring, wanted to change something to let people of middle-class live better.

As a student of High School, She won debate scholarship and entered George Washington University. For some personal reasons, Elizabeth had to transfer to another University in Houston. After graduation from that University, she visited Law School.

Later she started her career, at first as a teacher of Law and later as a Professor of Law.
Elizabeth Warren

In 1992 she started to serve as a Professor of Law at Harvard University. There she studied deeply the topic of bankruptcy and commercial law. She noticed that people, who were considered as bankrupts, mostly were the representatives of a middle class. These people were passing through some troubles like divorce, hard disease or death of relatives. They were not supported and that’s why lost everything. From that time she felt, she had to struggle for the rights of middle class. It was the sensitive issue for her from the very childhood.

In 2008 she was appointed as assistant of Barack Obama.

In 2013 she was elected to U. S. Senate of Massachusetts.

Elizabeth Warren senate was always aimed to support the rights of ordinary Americans. Especially she cared about students, because she taught some of them and had an opportunity to watch their attempts to study and earn their living at the same time.

Not long ago she offered so called “Elizabeth Warren student loans”. It was her try to offer the senate to accept the amendment to lower the rates for students, who had to pay for their education. But it was rejected.

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren Salary per 2015

Per year: $831,208
Per month: $70,000
Per week: $17,000
Per day: $2,470

She is the author of various books, such as “The Law of Debtors and Creditors”, “As We Forgive Our Debtors”, “Business Bankruptcy” that brings her about $140, 000 annually and many others.

She has $350,000 of annual salary as Harvard Professor. She also earned $90,000 as a private consultant.
Elizabeth Warren

Her “part-time” work in Washington brings her approximately $200, 000 per year.

Some of her opponents criticize Elizabeth telling that she struggles for the rights of poor people, but lives in a very expensive mansion and they both, she and her husband, have an income close to $1 million.

In 2008, when the financial collapse took place in USA some of Harvard professors wrote a petition to the administration to reduce their salaries in order to save jobs for other people. Elizabeth and her husband, who also worked in Harvard, didn’t support the petition.Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren Family Life

Elizabeth Warren is not just a senator and professor; she is also a wife and a mother.

She married Jim Warren, a mathematician, in 1968. It was he, who caused his wife’s transfer to University of Houston, when he got a job there and had to move. Elizabeth came with him and joined her career with family life. She and Jim had two children together, a son, Alexander Warren, and a daughter, Amelia Warren.

Unfortunately, they got divorced in 1978.

Elizabeth Warren divorce taught her a lesson that it was hard for a lonely woman to survive. But two years later Elizabeth got the second chance to create her own family. She met Bruce Mann, the professor of Law, who is her love and her best friend till now.

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren`s houses

House in Victorian Style (Cambridge, UA) – $447,000

Elizabeth Warren and Bruce Mann are the owners of the house in Cambridge, UA that they bought in 1995 for more than $400,000. Now the price is, probably, higher. Nowadays the property of Mrs. Warren is estimated approximately for $1.9 million.

The house is not large – it has two bedrooms, three bathrooms and a living room. It also has some land around it – probably, this area causes the price of $1, 9 million, because the house itself is not worth that money.

Condo in Washington – $740,000

Probably, Senator is going to stay in Washington for long, at least she bought a condo there. It has two bedrooms and two bathrooms – isn’t it enough for Elizabeth and her husband? The house is situated not far from expensive restaurants and fashionable shops.
Elizabeth Warren House

Elizabeth Warren`s car

As for the cars, Professor is not the car lover. But occasionally she drives her blue SUV.

Blue SUV – $25,000

Elizabeth Warren told numerous times, she is not going to take part in race for Presidency, 2016 and officially she supports Hilary Clinton.

Senator Elizabeth Warren Interview

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    June 27, 2016 at 8:15 pm

    Article fails to say Elizabeth Warren speculates in real estate by flipping houses.

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