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Drake Net Worth

Drake net worth is $30 million.Drake

Date of Birth: 24 October, 1986

Nationality: Canadian

Religion: Jewish

Being different from all the others just have made me stronger” – thus the television star and rapper Drake explains his phenomenal success. He is multiracial. His father is a black man and his mother is a Canadian Jewish. Drake looks like Afro-American, but he celebrates all religious Jewish holidays. It is a great mixture of two cultures that made the rapper unique.

Drake Biography

Aubrey Drake Graham was born on the 24th of October in 1986. His birthplace is Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  The boy came from a musical family and that’s why his career way was defined from the very childhood. His father, Dennis Graham, was a drummer in a rock band and his mother, Sandi, was also very musical, although she was not connected with music professionally.

When the boy was 5 years old, his parents split. Thus Drake was brought up by a single mother, who was Jewish and that’s why the boy was influenced Jewish culture deeply. Drake visited Forest Hill Collegiate Institute. He dropped out studying, when his acting career made Drake too busy.

Drake Drake

In his teens the fellow was chosen to act as wheel-chaired Jimmy. It is an interesting story, how Drake managed to get his first acting job. His classmate’s father was an agent. Once he came to his son’s class and told, “That one, who can make me laugh, will go for audition with me”. Drake was the only one, who could do it. Thus he got his first agent and his first role in teen drama “Degrassi: The Next Generation”.

Drake became popular as a television actor, but he had never stopped dreaming about making music career. When TV series were over, the rapper released several extended plays independently, when finally in 2009 he signed his first record deal. The first Drake’s album was called “Thank Me Later”, which got Grammy nomination. In general hip hop artist, who is just 29 now, can boast with 3 studio albums. Drake sold more than 5 million copies of each of his studio album. It made him a very rich man.

Drake Salary

Per year: $5 million

Per month: $417, 000

Per week: $104, 166

Per day: $14, 880

The income of the celebrity is not discussed in public, that’s why the precise figures of Drake’s earnings are hard to define exactly. But it is known, that he earns a lot annually from selling of copies of his albums. The performer also gets enough from his world tours. Thus he had earned:

  1. Club Paradise Tour – $42 million
  2. Would You Like a Tour? – $47 million
    Drake _4

The hip hop singer gets a lot from his endorsement deals. He has contracts with Sprite trade mark, Kodak trade mark and Jordan shoes. Annually Drake gets $500, 000 for his endorsement deals. The star endorses his own brand too. Drake Rapper clothing is sold in his store in LA.

Rapper Drake gets money from rotating his popular singles on the radio. Best Drake songs include “Preach”, “Legend”, “Jungle”, “Best I’ve ever Had”, “Every Girl” and many others. Drake music has made him a very rich man and very popular too.

Drake Personal Life

Drake became negatively famous due to his complicated personal life. The handsome rapper was rumored to date the most beautiful women on earth like Kim Kardashian and Tyra Banks. But in his interview at the popular TV show “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Drake told, he hadn’t dated those women. But he described his love affair with Rihanna and the scandal, connected with it.

They had personal and professional links. The couple appeared in several videos together like “Take Care” (Drake) and “What’s My Name” (Rihanna). Top Drake songs were devoted to his loved one Rihanna.

But their relationship was over with a terrible fight between Drake and Chris Brown, the entertainer. It took place at night club and both fellows got numerous injuries. The other people suffered from the fight too. The reason of the fight was jealousy. Drake was jealous of his girlfriend to Brown. Later both of men started court processes against one another.

Drake was involved into another court process, connected with the ex love Ericka Lee. She blamed Drake to assign her song “Marvin’s Room” as she was its co-author. Now the star is officially single. He has no children and lives alone in his big house, driving his extremely expensive car.


Drake House

  1. Party Pad In Hidden Hills – $2, 8 million
Drake house

Drake Party Pad In Hidden Hills

Drake house

Drake Party Pad In Hidden Hills

Drake house

Drake Party Pad In Hidden Hills

Drake house

Drake Party Pad In Hidden Hills

Drake house

Drake Party Pad In Hidden Hills

The hip hop artist bought the houses in 2012. He was rumored to pay $2, 8 million for it. The house is situated in the picturesque area that is liked by celebrities so much. Drake’s neighbors are Denise Richards, Ozzy Osbourne and many others.

The house itself can boast with several bedrooms and bathrooms. It also has a wine cellar, a rest room, a cinema room and a well equipped kitchen. It is a place, where the star can relax.

Drake Cars

1. Bentley Continental GT – $201,225

The star is rumored to own a big car collection, but it is not proved. In any case, Drake is a happy owner of Bentley, the vehicle that is liked by the most famous and the richest people in the world.

Drake car

Drake Bentley Continental GT

Drake car


Drake Interview saying he isnt lonely and emotional

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