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How rich is Donald Trump?

Donald Trump net worth is $4, 5 billion.

Date of Birth: 14 June, 1946

Donald Trump Net Worth

Donald Trump

Nationality: American

Religion: Presbyterian

He is one of the most contradictory candidates for Presidency and of course, he is the richest one. Even his net worth is questionable. Donald Trump tells, he is worth $10 billion, although according to Forbes, he owns just $4, 5 billion.

Donald Trump is known as the real estate developer, TV personality, writer and politician. He proclaims himself as one of the most successful businessmen in the world. At the same time his opponents tell, that if he puts into some trust all the millions he got from his father, today Donald Trump worth would be $6 billion.

Donald Trump Net Worth

Donald Trump

So, who is Donald Trump – a business mogul or a TV personality, who doesn’t make business, just creates the brand?

Donald Trump Bio

Donald John Trump was born in 1946, on the 14th of June in New York. He was the fourth of five children of Mary MacLeod and Fred Trump. His father started his career as a builder and then opened his company, named The Trump Organization. His company was successful enough and his father managed to earn a net worth of $200, 000. Donald Trump inherited $40 million of net worth from his father and numerous connections in the world of real estate business. Thus it is hard to call Donald Trump a self made man.

Donald Trump Net Worth

Donald Trump with Parents

Donald Trump early life was full of conflicts. His mother told in her interviews that Donald was the most active among her children. He was aggressive and very often he was involved into numerous accidents at school. That’s why at the age of 13 his father sent the boy to the military academy. Later Trump used to tell, that his years in the army helped him to become the strong leader and it helped him later to rule Donald Trump business.

Donald Trump Net Worth

Donald Trump in military academy

After graduating from academy, he entered Fordham University, where he studied during three years. Then he dropped it and entered Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. The fellow got Bachelor Degree of Economy and then came back home and began to work in his father’s company. Soon he made The Trump Organization popular all over the world.

Donald Trump Net Worth

Donald Trump with Father

Donald Trump Salary

Per year: $60 million

Per month: $5 million

Per week: $1, 25 million

Per day: $178, 571

The annual salary of Donald Trump is mostly given for his show “The Apprentice”. It is hard to tell, what income the celebrity gets from his real estate business as Donald Trump income – at least the part of it – is hidden from public.

Donald Trump Net Worth

Donald Trump. The Apprentice

It is known that among Donald Trump properties there are such flagship buildings as Trump Tower (it was valued about $300 million), Trump World Tower ($280 million) and a number of successful casinos.

Donald Trump Net Worth

Donald Trump. Trump World Tower

Since 2003 Donald Trump is not only a real estate developer, but also a TV star. He got two Emmy for his show “The Apprentice”. It is rumored, for his business show the real estate mogul gets about $3 million per episode.

Donald Trump also took part in several movies, where he acted as himself. For his successful screen work he earned not just money, but also a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Donald Trump Net Worth

Donald Trump. Hollywood Walk of Fame

But Donald Trump investments not always were so successful. In 1990 he became a bankrupt and had to sell the part of his personal property like his plane and his yacht. Now Donald Trump, who had already returned his loans to the banks, is very accurate with his investments. He can’t become a bankrupt again as he should care about his 5 children.

Donald Trump Net Worth

Donald Trump with Children

Donald Trump Personal Life

Donald Trump is also known due to his loud love affairs with models. Now the star and candidate for Presidency is married. Donald Trump wife is Melania Trump (Knauss), a model from Slovenia.

Donald Trump Net Worth

Donald Trump and Melania Trump (Knauss)

She is a mother of his youngest son. Donald Trump children are Donald Trump, Jr, Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump (from Donald Trump ex wife Ivanna Zelnickova), Tiffany Ariana Trump (a daughter from his second marriage with Marla Maples). And finally he is a father of Barron Trump, whose mother is Melania. Donald Trump supports all his children. Most of them are adults and live with their families. Donald Trump lives in a big mansion with his current wife and the youngest son. He is the owner of numerous homes and cars.

Donald Trump Net Worth

Donald Trump. Family

Donald Trump Houses

Donald Trump homes are situated all over the world. He is the owner of luxurious hotels, casinos and golf clubs. He also has several mansions. Here are some of them:

1. Seven Springs estate – $7, 5 billion

Donald Trump bought the mansion in the middle of 90-s. The venue is popular because of Libyan dictator, Muammar el-Qaddafi, who used to live there as Donald Trump allowed him.

Donald Trump House

Donald Trump. Seven Springs estate

2. Kluge Estate Winery – $19 million

Extremely beautiful venue in Virginia was bought by Donald Trump at an auction.

Donald Trump House

Donald Trump. Kluge Estate Winery

3. Trump National Golf Course – $264 million

Golf is The Donald’s hobby, so he has bought several Golf clubs. It is just one of them.

Donald Trump Net Worth

Donald Trump. Trump National Golf Course

4. Mar-A-Lago estate – $10 million

The real estate of 33 bathrooms and 58 bedrooms was bought by Trump in 1985 and restored since that moment.

Donald Trump House

Donald Trump. Mar-A-Lago estate

1. Boeing 757 – $100 million

Donald Trump Net Worth

Donald Trump. Boeing 757

2. Sikorsky S-76B Helicopter – $10 million

Trump plane helps the celebrity to travel with comfort. Now he is the owner of two jets.

Donald Trump Net Worth

Donald Trump. Sikorsky S-76B Helicopter

Donald Trump Cars

  1. Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren – $450, 000
Donald Trump House

Donald Trump. Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren

2. Rolls Royce – $300, 000

Donald Trump cars include such famous names as Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren and Rolls Royce. They are his favorite cars, but of course, Donald Trump’s car park is full of other vehicles too.

Donald Trump Car

Donald Trump. Rolls Royce

This year Donald Trump hopes to get his winning ticket and to become the President.

Donald Trump Properties

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