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Diplo Net Worth

Diplo net worth is $15 million dollars.

Date of Birth: 10 November, 1978 (Age: 37)

Nationality: American

Religion: Non Religious

Diplo Net Worth


Diplo, or Thomas Wesley Pentz, was born in Tupelo, MS. He earns his living as a DJ, producer and songwriter.

He started to earn money as DJ, being a student of the Temple University. There he cooperated with the other young enthusiastic DJ Low Budget. Together they arranged parties and earned quite a solid amount of money per it. Their first success was followed by mixtapes of two DJ-s, which were included in New York Times list as the best ones.

DJ Diplo continued his creative and financial success with other profitable projects. He cooperated with the musician M.I.A. They recorded a composition “Paper Planes”, which was nominated for Grammy.

Diplo Net Worth


Diplo cooperated with many other famous singers, including Britney Spears, Madonna and Beyonce.

He has another project with DJ Switch, named “Major Lazer”.

Diplo used to date his colleague M.I.A, but they split. Now he is a father of 2 sons, which he welcomed together with Kathryn Lockhart. He tries to earn money to spend it for his sons later.

Diplo Net Worth


How Much Is Diplo Worth or Diplo Salary

Per year: $1, 7 million

Per month: $141, 667

Per week: $35, 416

Per day: $5, 060

Diplo Net Worth


Diplo brought home $1, 7 million last year. He earned that money, DJing at various parties and concerts. He also makes some money per selling of his albums. He produces other talented artists too, which gives him an opportunity to make much more annually.

Diplo earns about $300, 000 per endorsement deals. His extended play “Revolution” was used by Hyundai for their ads.

Diplo Net Worth


Diplo Salary per Album

DJ Diplo, whose stage moniker is the shortening from “Diplodocus”, has already released one studio album “Florida”, many singles, extended plays, mixtapes and compilations. He won several Grammy Awards for his talented music. The albums and extended plays of Diplo are sold all over the world. He has earned the following salary per them:

1. Sound and Fury – $946, 000

Diplo Net Worth

Diplo Sound and Fury Album Cover

2. Florida – $1, 04 million

Diplo Net Worth

Diplo Florida Album Cover

3. Revolution – $1, 6 million

Diplo Net Worth

Diplo Revolution Album Cover

4. Express Yourself – $2, 1 million

Diplo Net Worth

Diplo Express Yourself Album Cover

Diplo Houses

1. Apartment in LA – $350, 000

Diplo Net Worth

Diplo Apartment in LA

2. House in Egypt – £231,000

Diplo house

Diplo House in Egypt

Famous DJ Diplo lives permanently in his roomy apartment in Los Angeles together with his partner and children He is rumored to own a property in Egypt as well. He has a three bedroom house there, surrounded by a beautiful garden.

Diplo Cars

1. Ferrari – $288, 426

Diplo car

Diplo Ferrari

The star DJ Diplo is a happy owner of Ferrari.

His career is the sample for those, who also dream to become DJs or songwriters.

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