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Dick Wolf Net Worth

Dick Wolf Net Worth is $300 million

Dick Wolf Net WorthDate of Birth: December 20, 1946

Nationality: American

Religion: non-religious (now)

Who is Dick Wolf? He is an American television producer, who is the guru of crime dramas. He is famous for works and crime stories Miami Vice and the Law and Order, Dick Wolf TV shows of the same last name. Dick Wolf movies are very popular, especially, in the USA.

Wolf real name is Richard Anthony. He was born in New York City in 1946. He lived with his mother, a homemaker, and a father, advertising executive. Richard attended Saint David’s School, after he went to the Gunnery. In 1969 he graduated from University of Pennsylvania where he studied with George W. Bush. Dick Wolf also attended Phillips Academy.

At the beginning of the career he worked in advertising as copywriter. He was writing screenplays living with the hope that one day he will break into the film industry. Later Dick Wolf moved to Los Angeles where he had met a screenwriter Oliver Stone. At that time Wolf had produced three Stone’s screenplays (Masquerade is one of them). It was luck and success for him because due to this he had started his television career. His dream came true. Later he became a staff writer on the television series Hill Street Blues. Due to it he received his 1st Emmy nomination. So, Dick Wolf producer’ talent is huge and incredible!

Dick Wolf Salary

Per year: $300 million
Per month: $25 million
Per week: $5, 769 million
Per Day: $821, 917
Two-time Emmy-winner Dick Wolf earns amazing amounts of money! Dick Wolf is among the most successful producers in TV history! He has created a lot of TV shows, wrote a big amount of crime stories, published books and produced several projects. He cooperates with different channels. Dick Wolf has reality shows at TNT, A&E, Showtime. All of these became popular all over the world. He is income consist of money which comes from sales project creation popularity of TV shows and his public appearance. Law and Order TV show brought him the biggest part of his salary. Dick Wolf earns about 300 million dollars now. In a purpose to remember that he is really successful and talented producer it is worth to admit that in 2006 he earned $70 million. It is also not a little!!!
Dick Wolf Net Worth

Dick Wolf has a great team of 5 persons who help him to create all this wonder. It consists of Peter Jankowski (Wolf films, president/COO) who is for 19 years working with Dick; Danielle Claman ( Gelber Wolfe Films, executive VP) who is for 4 years working with Dick; Matt Olmstead ( showrunner, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD) who is for 3 years working with Dick; Arthur Forney ( Wolf Films, head of post production) who is for 27 years working with Dick and Warren Leight ( showrunner, Law & Order: SVU) who is 11 years walking with the producer.

Filmography Best

Executive producer Dick Wolf had written so many books and had produced them that it numbers 43 films. Dick Wolf filmography takes its start from 1978 and continues up to present.

The most famous Dick Wolf films are Law and Order, Twin Towers, Chicago Fire, Cold Justice, Nightwatch and so on. He is a writer and producer of conviction, L.A. Dragnet, South Beach, Hill Street Blues, Arrest and Trial, Miami Vice, New York Undercover, Feds and Players, Masquerade, No Man’s Land. There is rather a large list of his filmography. His Law and Order ran 20 seasons on NBC. He is a creative and great force in television for more than 25 years. Due to his contribution into cinematograph he has a lot of Awards. Dick Wolf worth lies in his ability to create movie masterpiece.
Dick Wolf Net Worth

Dick Wolf Awards

Dick Wolf movies and TV shows were so successful that he has a great amount of awards. He had got a good Award of Excellence, Creative Achievement Award (2002), The Producers Guild of America’s Norman Lear Showmanship Award, the DGA Honors, the Governor’s Award, the Anti-Defamation League Distinguished Entertainment Industry Award, the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Lifetime Achievement Award etc., Emmy Award. Dick was honored to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. His achievements speak for themselves.
Dick Wolf Net Worth

Dick Wolf Home

Dick Wolf doesn’t like to speak much about his property. Always and everywhere she tries to speak about his work and beloved “Law & Order”. But it is known that he lives now in New York. He also has a summer cottage in Seal Harbor, Maine USA. From this property it is understandable that in summer he likes to be far away nosy and crowded towns. One more property which he has is a house in Santa Barbara, California, USA which cost about $825,000.
Dick Wolf Net Worth
Dick Wolf Net Worth

Dick Wolf Cars

This talented and busy television producer doesn’t like to boast his car collection. He attends different car auctions. But it is known that sometimes he moves with the help of Mercedes s63 —$144,175.

Law & Order creator Dick Wolf interview

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