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Demi Moore has an affair with the son of Queen Elizabeth II

After her breakup with Ashton Kutcher three years ago, the news about Demi Moore appears on the front pages of news sites infrequently. Who is interested in a calm life of the fading Hollywood star? Some days the world’s media exploded with sensation: Demi Moore goes out with Prince Andrew.

As it turned out, the romance between 53-year-old Hollywood star and 56-year-old monarch began in late spring. The couple was introduced by ex-wife of Andy, Sarah Ferguson. The woman who leads the friendship with many Hollywood celebrities and ex-husband kept a great relationship after the divorce in 1996.

Demi Moore and Prince Andrew

Demi Moore and Prince Andrew

Insiders report that the novel between Andrew and Demi is approved of almost all the Royal family except Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen believes that Demi Moore, who already had been married three times and had problems with drugs and alcohol, is not the best party for her middle son. According to the informants, Elizabeth II hopes that Andrew will come around, and not driving his famous fiancée to the altar.

Perhaps the Queen also does not like a scandal with Moore when she wanted to take a lot amount of money from her ex-husband. Demi Moore (net worth $150 million) and Ashton Kutcher (net worth $160 million) did not have a prenup, so the actress intended to sue the husband and deprive him impressive part of the wealth. There was information that Kutcher had about $100 million, most of which Moore considered her property. The offended spouse is of the opinion that she helped Ashton and he achieved enormous popularity in Hollywood due to her, because before their wedding, his success in the film industry was not so outstanding.

Demi Moore and Prince Andrew

Demi Moore and Prince Andrew

However, they should not rely on the fact that 56-year-old Prince will listen to mom. Andrew always went against the Queen and not worrying too much about whether or not his behavior is Royal Protocol. So, the Prince decided to divorce as his older brother, which is considered inappropriate for a member of the Royal family. And the amorous adventures of Andrew are legendary.

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