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David Guetta Net Worth

David Guetta Net Worth is $37 million

David Guetta Net WorthDate of Birth: November 7, 1967

Nationality: French

Religion: Jewish

Well known French DJ remixer and record producer is famous for amazing new creation of existing songs to which he gives “new life”. David Guetta biography is mostly connected with his music achievements. His full name is Pierre David Guetta who was born in Paris, France. David is Jewish like his father.

From 17 years David Guetta began to DJ at night clubs in Paris. He began from playing popular songs but in 3 years later due to songs on French radio he discovered house music for himself. In 1988 she began hosting own night club. When he became more popular he began collaborate with different singers, rappers and hip hoppers.

In 19 David Guetta played in such clubs like La Centrale, Le Boy, Folies Pigalle and the Rex. He didn’t only played songs but he also organized parties in night clubs. In 1994 he became the manager of Le Palace nightclub where he also organized parties. In 2002 he co-founded Gum Productions. Luck was smiling to him and in some time he began to record and remix songs and release albums. It gave him great success and popularity.

David Guetta married Cathy Lobe in 1992. They have a son and a daughter. But last year they divorced.
David Guetta Net Worth

David Guetta Salary

Per year: $37 million
Per month: $3,083 million
Per week: $740,000
Per Day: $148, 000

Net worth of David Guetta is $37 million. She is salary consist of earnings from held shows, touring, sells of his singles and albums, collaboration with different music stars and companies such as Burn, co-writing and producing songs and tracks. His first album was sold in amount of 300,000 copies. His third album was sold in amount of 530,000 copies. Next his album was sold in amount of 5,5 million copies worldwide. When Black Eyed Peas’ song “I Gotta Feeling” was produced by Guetta, the selling was more than 1 million copies. David Guetta also has money from new-created record label known as Jack Back Records. He also has own radio show. All these incomes make his not bad salary. It is just enough to earn $37 million a year!
David Guetta Net Worth

Discography Best

David Guetta music is famous all over the world. During his career he has released 7 studio albums. Among them “Just a Little More Love” which was released in 2002. In two years he had released “Guetta Blaster”. In 2007″ Pop Life” appeared. The next was” One Love” which was released in 2009. With this album David achieved great success! Songs from this album reached #1 in the UK. In two years he had released “Nothing but the Beat“. It continued Guetta’s success. He has to fresh albums which appeared in 2014 and 2015 —”Listen” and “Listen Again“. The last one is a remix album.

David Guetta Net Worth David Guetta Net Worth

David Guetta Awards

David Guetta worth is determined by the number of his awards. In 2008 he got DJ Edwards for “Best House DJ“. The next year was very successful for him when he released his fourth studio album “One Love” because it was nominated at the Grammy Awards as “Best Electronic/ Dance Album”. Two of the albums songs received two nominations. In 2011 David Guetta was the number one DJ in the “DJ Mag Top 100 DJs” fan poll. In 2015 his work “When Love Takes Over” was crowned the number one dance-pop collaboration of all time by Billboard. The same year David Guetta became the third artist to reach 2 billion streams on Spotify. He also has 2 Grammy Awards as a producer. All his wins and awards determined Guetta’s net worth.
David Guetta Net Worth
David Guetta Net Worth

David Guetta Home

David Guetta house is situated in Los Angeles. It is a luxury property which has for dining rooms, Beauty Salon, gym, get home and private lake. The house is rather spacious and nice looking.
David Guetta House

David Guetta House

There is one more his home where he likes to relax. It is his Ibiza villa which has a large studio and swimming pool. The territory is of about 5000 square meters. This house has magnificent view of the sea. It has 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, kitchen and cozy living room.

In London David Guetta rent an apartment near Hyde Park in purpose to be closer to his children and to have an opportunity to spend time with them.

David Guetta Cars

Once David Guetta told that he is not a guy who just has a full garage of luxurious and expensive cars. His one love is Audi R8 —$155,000.

In native France David Guetta doesn’t drive any car because he is banned from driving. He likes speed very much, so now, I guess, you know why he can’t drive.

Sometimes he uses planes to get somewhere. He flies in a twin-engine Cessna CJ3. One flight costs $20,000 and $100,000 if he wants to rent it for a week.

David Guetta car
David Guetta carDavid Guetta car

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