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David Chang Net Worth

David Chang Net Worth is $10 million

David ChangDate of Birth: August 5, 1977

Nationality: Korean-American

Religion: religion major

David Chang bio consists mostly of his career achievements and its development. He is a famous restaurateur and author. He is also rather successful and famous television personality. He is the most famous project is Momofuku David Chang Restaurant Group. He has several restaurants in New York, in amount of 10, in Toronto, in amount of 5, in Washington DC, in amount of 2 and has one in Sydney. David Chang restaurants are of big popularity all over the world.

David Chang attended Georgetown Preparatory School and Trinity College. There he has religious studies. In spite of his parents’ and his sister’s interest in Korean Presbyterian Church, he was against it and became a religion major. David also attended the French Culinary Institute. When he was a little boy he was fond of golf. David took part in tournaments where Tiger Woods also took part. When he graduated from college he didn’t know what to do and where to go to work.

He tried a lot of different jobs such as teaching, answering phones at the restaurant and worked at a small sobashop. In purpose to find ideal work he moved from Japan to New York City. He also worked in Manhattan but in two years he had to move back to Japan. David also worked at Cafe but he was dissatisfied with it. That’s why in 2004 he decided to open his first restaurant and called it Momofuku Noodle Bar where Momofuku means “lucky peach”. In two years chef David Chang opened his second restaurant. In two years he opened one more restaurant. All of them become very successful and caused a furor. In 2008 he decided to expand his Momofuku bar and named it Momofuku Milk Bar. They were serving cookies, cakes, pies and some other treats. David Chang Milk Bar moved across the street in 2011. In 2009 was published David Chang’s cookbook which contained detailed recipes from his restaurants. In 2010 he opened his restaurant in Sydney and in 2012 — in Toronto. As a television personality he became popular with such programs as “Top Chef: All Stars” and “MasterChef Australia”.

As for his personal life…He is not married yet but has a Korean-Australian girlfriend whose name is Gloria Lee. David Chang girlfriend is 28 years old.
David Chang

David Chang Salary

Per year: $10 million
Per month: $833,333
Per week: $192,307
Per Day: $27, 397

David Chang’ salary is not very big but the most of his money are received as a bonus or in stock options. For example, the previous year he got about $6,2 million in stock options. 87,123 dollars he received as a bonus and only $218,750 he got as a salary. Not only own restaurants help him to earn money. If he is successful and fame or television personality he got money from being a guest judge in different TV shows. He also has a lot of publications, of about 15, which are connected with food. His beloved work let him to live in satisfied surrounding.
David Chang

David Chang Awards

David Chang Momofuku restaurants are very popular and due to this they have a big amount of different awards. His restaurants have 9 different James Beard Foundation Awards. Momofuku Seiobo has Three Hats and an award of the Best New Restaurant in 2013.David Chang
Some of his restaurants and he has awards for the Restaurant of the Year, the Best New Toronto restaurants, the Most Important Restaurant in America, 5 Most Influential Restaurants of the Past 6 Years, Time Out Restaurant of the Year, Global Gastronomy Award (2012), Best New Chef, Chef of the Year and so on. From 2011 – 2014 his restaurants are in the world’s 50 best restaurants. In 2011 Momofuku ko was on the 65th place, in 2012 on the 79th place, in 2013 on the 93rd place and Momofuku Ssam bar in 2012 was on the 37th place, in 2013 — on the 86th place and in 2014 — on the 64th place.

David Chang

David Chang Home

Famous restaurateur is still looking for nice apartments for him because he thinks that the best place to live in is your place where you eat, cook and just sleep. During his all career he was living just next door to his restaurants. It is convenient to live near work. Maybe that’s why his restaurants became so popular. He can control all processes in the kitchen and restaurant. That places were where he just slept. He wants to find a home that feels like home. Now he lives in an apartment which is also next to his Momofuku noodle Bar.

Apartment where he lived in the beginning of his career was about 400 square feet. It was the studio which looked like a one big bedroom. There was not much light in the rooms because it was faced on the alley and was just on the second floor. An apartment had white walls, one bed and a TV. It was rather dull to stay inside. The rent cost $1,400. He rented this apartment in 2004 which was situated on 1st Avenue in Manhattan. This apartment was just like an office for Momofuku because the bar was just 550 square feet. His apartment was always full of papers and documents. He even didn’t cook there, because he had a nice kitchen in own restaurant just half a block away. David Chang prefers to live where he works.
David Chang

Today he basically lives in the hotels. And the major part of his time he lives in those places where he opens new restaurants, for example, like it was in Toronto, Sydney.
David Chang

David Chang talks about fame, food and his famous temper

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