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David Cameron Net Worth

David Cameron Net Worth

David Cameron

David Cameron net worth is $50 million dollars.

Date of Birth: 9 October, 1966 (Age: 49)

Place of birth: London, UK

Nationality: British

Religion: Anglican

Source of wealth: Policy

Prince Edward Salary

Per year: £219, 000

Per month: £18, 250

Per week: £4, 563

Per day: £652

How much is David Cameron worth? Many his followers all over the world often ask this question. So, let’s do a little math.

David Cameron earns his living, being an extremely successful politician. Since 2010 he occupies the post of Prime Minister in United Kingdom. He is a role model for others. David made his career, starting from an ordinary researcher.

David Cameron comes from a noble and rich family, so he was not poor and had enough money to get great education. He studied at prestigious Eton College and then continued his education at Brasenose College in Oxford. Cameron became the member of Conservative Party in his youth as its ideas were close to him. Cameron started his career way from the initial stage. He served as a researcher in the Conservative Party. Gradually he made his career.

The next David Cameron job was special adviser at the same party. After that David became chancellor and finally got an opportunity to become a member of parliament.

In 2005 he was appointed as the leader of Conservative Party. The politician got a difficult task. He should make the members of his party to win elections. His party hadn’t won the elections since 1992.

To achieve that goal, David Cameron created a coalition with Liberal Democrats. Thus his party had won and David became Prime Minister.

He is married a business lady Samantha Gwendoline Cameron. David’s wife comes from a noble family. They have 4 children together. Cameron is wealthy and noble himself. Major part of his net worth PM inherited from his late father, Ian Cameron, who used to be a rich stockbroker.

David Cameron Net Worth

David Cameron

David Cameron Salary

The main source of David Cameron salary is his work of a politician. He gets £219, 000 annually, performing duties as Prime Minister. His net worth is estimated as $50 million by Forbes.

David Cameron has property all over the world. He gets rent from his houses and he earns some additional cash.

It is interesting to know, that David doesn’t tell about his houses around the world. He never discusses his property in public as being too rich is not affordable for a politician, who struggles for middle class rights.

David Cameron Houses

1. Big House in London – £3 million

David Cameron House

David Cameron. Big House in London

David Cameron Cars

  1. Mercedes – $65, 000
David Cameron Car

David Cameron

Luxurious life of David Cameron makes other people envy. He owns an amazing house and a great car.  The politician is proud of his career.

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