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Clarence Seedorf Net Worth

Clarence Seedorf net worth is $56, 2 million.

Date of Birth: April 1, 1976Clarence Seedorf

Nationality: Dutch

Religion: Muslim

He is a retired football player and football club manager. He is one of the most successful and most high-paid players in the world. He is known as the only footballer in the world, who had won Champions League three times, being a member of various football clubs. He played for Milan football club, Madrid Real and Ajax. Seedorf muscles till now impress people, although the star is 39 years old already. Wonderful career way of Clarence Seedorf is proved by his high earnings!

Clarence Seedorf Biography

Clarence Clyde Seedorf was born on the 1st of April in 1976 in the family of Johan Seedorf (a father), who worked as a nutritionist for new born babies and Dulce Seedorf (a mother), who served as a nurse. The family lived in Surinam and they were really poor. His father decided to look for a better fortune and moved to Holland, when Clarence was a baby. He hadn’t seen his father till 2 years old. When Johan found a job and an apartment in Holland, he took his wife and a son with him.
Clarence Seedorf

The boy visited a local school and was interested in soccer playing. When he was 16, he had a great shape – till now Clarence Seedorf legs are admired by his fans worldwide.

His hobby – football – was quite costly, but his parents tried their best to give the boy an opportunity to choose the career he likes. After graduation the boy entered Ajax Youth Academy. Thus gradually he became the professional footballer, making his debut at the age of 16. He was the youngest football player in Ajax.

Then he played for the most popular football clubs in the world – Milan FC, Real Madrid etc. Clarence Seedorf net worth is the result of his talented football play.
Clarence Seedorf

Clarence Seedorf Salary

Per year: $1, 5 million

Per month: $125,000

Per week: $31,250

Per day: $4, 464

Seedorf footballer had a salary of $1, 5 million, when he played for Real Madrid as midfielder. He did a lot for the glory and prosperity of this football club. Clarence Seedorf goal brought the club victory during the game many times. To be precise, he scored 151 goals in general, playing for Real Madrid.
Clarence Seedorf

Now Seedorf is a retired football player, but still his earnings remain high. It is due to his endorsement deals – his name is still popular, that’s why many sport brands choose him as the face of their companies. Thus he has endorsement deals with Adidas and earns money for guest appearances on TV.

Clarence Seedorf is the most decorated football player. He is the owner of such awards as the title of Nelson Mandela Legacy Champion, Dutch Talent of the Year Award, FIFA Club World Cup Silver Ball and many others.

He is one of the most intellectual football players. Clarence Seedorf has got degree in business. He also gets income from his restaurant “Finger’s” that is situated in Milan. He also earns as a journalist, writing a sport column for New York Times.

Now, when millionaire is retired from professional football, he can devote his free time to his wife and children.

Kate Giles Interviews Clarence Seedorf

Clarence Seedorf Family Life

Clarence Seedorf family is big. He is a father of 4 children – Darjaene, Jaysyley, Jusy and Denzel. His wife is Luviana Seedorf, she is from Brazil. She used to be a dancer and once she went to Italy with a concert program. There she met her Prince – Clarence Seedorf – and soon they started to live together. Later they had children. The family lives together in their house in Milan. Clarence Seedorf managed to create a happy family – one more of his achievements.
Clarence Seedorf

Clarence Seedorf House

It is not known exactly, what price of Clarence Seedorf house is or what car he drives. He lives in Milan with his family, they live a great, but not stupidly luxurious life.

Clarence Seedorf Cars

He owns several cars, but never drives any of them. He uses his vehicle … for work. During his way from one point to another, Clarence Seedorf looks through his papers, makes phone calls and gives interviews to various journalists. It is known, that he likes classical cars and cabriolets.
Clarence Seedorf

He looks like a solid businessman, not like a sportsman. In fact, business is his cup of tea as well. He is a CEO of several companies, including his restaurant and AC Monza, Italian team. He is not just a football player, he is also a manger and his brain is trained not less than his body.

Now Clarence Seedorf is a multimillionaire. But he managed to achieve his net worth, being a hard worker. He is talented – it goes without saying, but he is also the person, who uses every minute of his life to develop his skills. He worked hard as a midfielder. He worked hard as a manager. Now he works hard as restaurant owner and sports correspondent.
Clarence Seedorf

He is not just a successful and rich person – he is also a great husband and attentive father. Really great person in fact!

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