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Celebs with expensive manicure

Manicure can serve not only as a bright accent or addition to the outfit, but also to act as an independent element of the image. For some stars of Hollywood nail art is a way of expression. Such famous personalities as Rihanna, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, never cease to amaze with their transformations and interesting designs nails.

Bright music singer Rihanna has incredible beauty and confidence. She is not afraid to experiment with their look, changing the look of a hot babe on shapeless outfits of a street teenager. Rihanna’s manicure is always different and unpredictable.


The pop diva pays about $ 2000 for one visit to manicurist. The singer, who became a recognized trendsetter, continues to choose the most incredible options for nail art. Rihanna is crazy about bright colors, so her manicure is always a riot of colors. Most often her nails are red, yellow, orange, blue, black, pink, green colors.


Katy Perry is a fan of interesting and creative nail designs, so her manicure is discussed sometimes even more often than the musical composition of the performer.


Katy is not afraid of bizarre experiments and can afford to put on the nail image of the President of America Barack Obama or a member of the British Royal family. Nails with flags of different countries, cartoon characters, portraits of the wife, leopard prints, colorful polka dots, three-dimensional acrylic flowers and other decorations becomes the subject of imitation and causes a rapid flow of the discussions.


Katy can pay for her unusual manicure about $5000.


Lady Gaga is considered one of the most eccentric and flamboyant singers. She likes long sharp nails covered with a bright varnish. Decoration in the form of small beads, transparent stones or contrasting designs on these nails looks great.


The singer is passion for blood-red and dusky-black coats, which perfectly reflect her unique style. The singer does not neglect beige and ash shades, sometimes combining them with contrast panels on the surface of the nails. And of course, gold and silver stickers Minx are constant companions of an eccentric Hollywood star.


Lady Gaga can pay for her manicure about $6000.


And also…

Gigi Hadid payed $2000 for her nail art for 2016 Met Gala. It was designed by celebrity manicurist Mar y Sol.


In 2014 Rita Ora’s MTV Video Music Awards diamond manicure cost … how do you think? It was pretty expensive –  $56,000!


In 2012 Kelly Osbourne`s Emmy Awards manicure cost $250,000. Why it was so expensive? The nail polish was made with 267-carat black diamonds.


But it 2013 AZATURE (this brand makes such pricey nail polishes) get Kelly a chance  to be the only girl in the world to test out the Million dollar white diamond manicure!


Just in case you didn`t know about AZATURE

The company Azature has used black diamonds to create their products for many years. Under this brand exclusive jewelry products made from precious metals and encrusted with diamonds are produced.

One of the most costly nail polish in the world was called Azature Black Diamond. The cost is almost two times exceeded the price of previously known record holder. Recall that before the release of the most expensive Azature varnish was considered as the Gold Rush Couture Nail Polish that contained more than 1,100 diamonds and was sold for a record price $132 800.


Gold Rush Couture Nail Polish

Nail Polish Azature Black Diamond, in turn, collected diamonds, 267 carats in one bottle. This product is released in a single copy, and no wonders, because hardly any of the fashionmongers will be able to pay for cosmetic several hundred dollars. The rest will have to settle for them, the company Azature produced a budget version of varnish is $ 25, with a volume of 14 ml with only symbolic sequins and a tiny diamond.


The bottle it is made of glass cut like a diamond, through which is visible the wondrous beauty of tiny black diamonds. Now it is represented in the company store Azature in Los Angeles.

And OPI …

The famous perfume brand OPI in honor of one of the films about secret agent James Bond, created a nail polish in 18-carat gold leaf, which was sold in bottles, also of precious metal. In selling the most expensive nail polish came in October 2012 in a limited edition, after the release of the next series about the agent 007 — “Coordinates Skayfall”.


“For half a century, Bond graces the big screen with his dazzling look and opulent style, and gold has always played a significant role in his adventures,” – said Vice President and art Director of OPI Suzi Weiss-Fischmann in the press release.

You can’t argue with manly beauty the sexiest of the super agent in the service of Her Majesty and Mrs. Weiss-Fischmann got to the point with gold: recall the names of these parts Bond as “Goldfinger”, “Goldeneye” with the same soundtrack (“Goldeneye”) performed by Tina Turner or “The man with the Golden gun”.


Therefore it is no wonder that OPI nail polish dedicated to Mr. 007 was fully implemented in the “despicable” metal: glossy bottles to the packaging (in the best traditions of the film) and even “spy” names, “The Man with the Golden Gun”.

If you want to buy the bottle of this golden nail polish, you will spend $175 000. I wonder how much money Chris Walton, the owner of the longest fingernails, should spend in order to cover her nails with this expensive nail varnish.

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