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Celebrities’ private jets

The comfort means everything, when talking about celebrities. Let`s have a look who has private air vehicles and doesn`t fly even in business-class.

The first place is taken by Celine Dion and her plane, Bombardier BD-700 Global Express, the cost of which is around $50,400,000 if purchased in USA. The year of its creation is 1991.


Celine Dion, Bombardier BD-700 Global Express,

The main feature is it can be up in the air for 5,000 km without the additional refuel. The other characteristics are leather salon, unique furniture; among mechanics characteristics are high-qualified aircraft handling and highly developed engines. It may take 10 passengers per one time. The country it was manufactured in is Canada.

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The second place is occupied by Steven Spielberg, whose personal transport is Boeing Business Jet 757, the price of which is up to $50,000,000, because in most cases the cost is on the demand. This rule is common in company.

Steven Spielberg, Boeing Business Jet 757

Steven Spielberg, Boeing Business Jet 757

The most significant feature is that it is 25% faster on climb, so here is the economic side, as the less patrol is used. Besides, it is kind to the environment. The number of passengers it can take is 43. The air-handling gives good results each time it is manufactured or improved.

The third position in our rank is for Jim Carrey – the great comic actor of all times, who bought the personal plane in 2001. The name is Gulfstream V, the cost is nearly $43,000,000 if to buy it in USA.

Jim Carrey Gulfstream V

Jim Carrey Gulfstream V

This vehicle was created in 1998, giving it the ability to fly more than 10,000 without the recharge. The number of guests to have sits here is 18 people. Inside is the designer furniture to build up the living room and a bedroom, all space is wisely-organised, so being very stylish.

The fourth position is presented by Jay-Z’s airplane, which the singer received as the present from the beloved wife on the Father’s Day, thy being very proud of it now. The company, which manufactured it is The Bombardier, the model is Challenger 850 Learjet.

Jay-Z Challenger 850 Learjet

Jay-Z Challenger 850 Learjet

The total amount of money to be paid for the vehicle is $40,000,000. But for Beyonce, whose income is growing rapidly together with popularity it was not a problem. The air transport includes living room, bedroom, kitchen and several bathrooms. The engines in this pattern are most tested as it is one of the latest models created. The aim of the authors is something like “Don’t think it is better to stay grounded”.

And finally the fifth position is left for John Travolta, and his private Boeing 707.

 John Travolta, Boeing 707

John Travolta, Boeing 707

Despite the other celebrities, who prefer to hire the pilots for some special cases they need the plane, the singer is capable of driving the vehicle by his own. John even has got 2 runways at home in Florida. Four engines provide the quick flight and the light coming up. The model is not new, but with some improved technical aspects in it, according to the modern life demands. The price it may be bought for in USA is $700,000. So, it holds the fifth position in our rank.

To conclude, it may be mentioned that the private jets are the best indication of wealth and social position of the person, who obtains it. The things are so nowadays, but maybe in some time the airplanes will be spread so as the autos are at present.

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