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What celebrities have very luxurious houses?

If you just build your house and choose the best option design of the exterior and interior, looking for entrance door, plastic windows, comfortable sofas for living room and a large kitchen table, photos of star houses will help you find a suitable option for yourself.

Brad Pitt gives preference to minimalism and comfort. The Villa is distinguished by its unsurpassed style. One of the most interesting solutions can be considered the front door that opens automatically.


The actor, by the way, likes the design and he is looking for ideas for the interior. The presence of open space – that’s what distinguishes apartments of the Hollywood star. The cost of this magnificent house is $ 16 million.


Reese Witherspoon likes sophistication and charm. The home of “legally blonde” refers to a refuge. The actress appreciates antiques, objects of art and original details.


The interior of the house stars reminiscent of the interiors of the 20-30-ies of the last century. Here Reese enjoys spending time with family and relaxes from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. Her mansion was bought for only $ 9 million.


Paris Hilton does not change her style! The socialite lives, probably, in the most glamorous house. The main color in the interior of the star house is black. It helps to focus on the details.


Everywhere, in Paris room, you can find things by famous brands that speak for themselves.


Karl Lagerfeld does not like the banal solutions. The house of iconic fashion designer is also different originality. Karl compares it with a hotel room.


Lagerfeld abandoned the paintings. Grey color, modern furniture and minimalist – that is the choice of the designer. He considers his house as a shed and does not like to invite guests.


Sarah Jessica Parker appreciates coziness and comfort. The country house of the star can not be a reminiscent of a Hollywood home. The large terrace, lots of plants and quiet environment distinguishes Sarah’s house.


She bought this house for $22 million. Here the actress can relax and feel calm. Parker likes to invite friends and arrange large delicious dinners in the dining room with them.


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