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Carrie Fisher net worth

Carrie Fisher net worth is $5 million.

Carrie FisherDate of Birth: October 21, 1956

Nationality: Jewish

Religion: Jewish (probably). The actress used to tell in one of her interviews that she is “enthusiastic agnostic who would be happy to be shown that there is a God”.

 A famous actress and a writer, she is known mostly due to Princess Leia Star Wars. That role still remains the most prominent in her career. Nevertheless she took part in many other movies and TV series, including cult show “Sex and the City”. She has a right to be called one of the richest people in Hollywood.

Carrie Fishe Biography

The full name of an actress is Carrie Frances Fisher. She was born in California (Beverly Hills) in the family of very creative parents. Her mother, Debbie Reynolds, used to be an actress. Her father, Eddie Fisher, used to be a singer. She has a brother, named Todd Fisher, who works as a producer. She also has two half-sisters.

The love towards acting she took from her mother. Since childhood Carrie liked to watch movies and dreamed to become an actress one day. After graduating from school she entered London’s Central School of Speech. There she was trained to be an actress. Carrie was one of the best students in the School.Carrie Fisher

Her first film was released in 1975. She appeared in the movie “Shampoo”. Her cult role she got in 1977. Till now the part of Princess Leia Organa in the first series of franchise “Star Wars” remains the calling card of an actress. Later she returned to her heroine, acting as Princess Leia in Star Wars Episode V and VI.

In 1987 she tried her forces as a writer and wrote the novel “Postcards”. Thus she became popular as a writer too. In 1990 she got an opportunity to work as a screenwriter as her novel was made into movie by Columbia Pictures.

Carrie Fisher


Per year (2015): $606,061

Per month: $50,000

Per week: $12,500

Per day: $1,786

It is hard to tell, how much money Carrie Fisher earns annually. In 1990, when she sold the rights for her book to Columbia Pictures, she got $1 million per year. Carrie Fisher Princess Leia brought her about $10,000 – a great amount for 19 year old girl. Then her career was winding down till 2013, so, probably, she earned not much. Then she was invited to take part in “Star Wars” again and it made Carrie Fisher one of the most high paid actresses of the year.
Carrie Fisher

She earns as an actress (she gets 1, 4% of income for the franchise “Star Wars” regularly”), as a writer and besides she has various endorsement deals.

All these deals, acting and her books bring Carrie Fisher about $600,000 per year.


Although the actress has various kinds of business, Carrie Fisher movies and her earnings as an actress will remain the main source of her wealth and popularity.

  1. “Star Wars” – $250,000

The first episode of the cult movie “Star Wars” brought an actress just $10,000. She told, that she was too young and that’s why couldn’t get a great salary as an actress for this film. When she took part in episodes V and VI she got much more, approximately $250,000 per episode. Star Wars Fisher till now makes the actress popular and rich. She gets percentage from this movie.
Carrie Fisher

  1. “Sorority Row” – $217,000

The role of Mrs. Crenshaw in 2009 made the star more than $200,000 richer. The film is about a group of students, who cover the murder that was occasionally committed by their friend. One day they notice a mysterious person at their prom night.
Carrie Fisher

  1. “Wright vs. Wrong” – $285,000

The part of Joan Harrington in comedy TV series brought the star $285,000. It was a great working experience that proved Carrie Fisher is still interesting for her fans.

  1. “A Child’s Garden of Poetry” – $312,000

Great TV show that appeared on the screens in 2011 and dealt with children’s creativity brought former Princess Leia a solid salary.


Carrie Fisher has not many awards. Her main achievement is Outer Critics Circle Award. She got it for Outstanding Solo Performance. Besides she was nominated for Globe Award as the hostess of the show “Wishful Drinking”. She also got the award as a writer. Her “Postcards” brought her Los Angeles Pen Award for the Best First Novel.
Carrie Fisher

Personal Life

Probably, the best achievement of Carrie Fisher is her daughter, Billie Lourd. She is 23 now and she is an actress too. Carrie Fisher dated the father of Billie from 1991 to 1994. The agent Billie Lourd and Carrie Fisher had never been married. The only official husband of Carrie Fisher was Paul Simon. They got married in 1983, and the musician devoted several songs to Carrie. She even appeared in one of his music videos. But a year later they split. Now the actress is officially single.
Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher  Houses

Hollywood House – $2 million

Carrie Fisher owned a house in Beverly Hills that she sold to Channing Tatum for $6 million. Now she lives in her Hollywood house that is estimated $2 million approximately. This house was included in the list of 16 the most beautiful houses of celebrities.

Carrie Fisher House Carrie Fisher House

Carrie Fisher Cars

Carrie Fisher has never boasted with the cars or yachts – probably, she is not fond of vehicles.

Talented Carrie Fisher has made a wonderful career and is not going to stop!

The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson Carrie Fisher

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