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Carly Fiorina Net Worth

Carly Fiorina net worth is $59 million.

Carly FiorinaDate of Birth: September 6, 1954

Nationality: American

Religion: Nondenominational Christianity (raised Episcopalian)

“Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that?” – Donald Trump has commented Carly Fiorina facelift live. Indeed, 61 year old business lady and candidate for presidency retained the services of a plastic surgeon to restore the freshness of her face. After all, she is a woman, so she wants to look young and beautiful too. But this is the only weakness that Carly has afforded for herself.


Carly Fiorina biography is quite simple. Carly Sneed (Fiorina) was born in 1954, on the 6th of September in Texas. Her father used to be a knowledgeable and powerful man, who devoted his life to career. Joseph Tyree Sneed III was a law professor. He moved from one city to another, raising his professional ladder, and his wife, the artist Madelon Montross, and their three children (Carly has two siblings) had to move with him. Carly changed various high schools, and it was difficult for her. Nevertheless she entered University of California, Los Angeles after graduation. She studied law there but was dropped out in a year. Her father was very disappointed and told his daughter, he had always thought, she would be a failure. Twenty years later his daughter was called the most influential woman in the world.

The way to success was hard for Carly. She studied history and philosophy and worked as an English teacher and receptionist. Soon she felt, that she wanted to become a business lady. In 1998 she became a manager in AT&T Company. In 1999 she was appointed as CEO of Hewlett-Packard. She served as CEO for 6 years, but then she supervised the merger with another company, Compaq Computers. The deal appeared to be not so successful, so Carly was forced to leave her post. After that she got interested in policy. In 2010 she took part in a race for Congress in California but she failed. In 2015 Carly was ambitious enough to take part in a race for Presidency. She is the representative of Republican Party.
Carly Fiorina


Carly Fiorina is one of the richest candidates for Presidency. Donald Trump is the only person, who is richer than she is. In fact, Carly Fiorina told in her interviews, that the fact, she is one of the richest, is quite arguable. She was never afraid to tell about her net worth, assets, property and bank accounts. Carly is sure, that “Bill and Hillary Clinton are worth far more money than Frank and Carly Fiorina.” By the way, she shares her net worth with her husband, Frank Fiorina.

Carly tells that she is ready to open all her assets and property. She and her husband earn about $2 million anually. That very amount she earned in 2013 and 2014. In 2012 she earned a little less – just $1, 3 million. What does she do to get such a great salary?
Carly Fiorina

Carly Fiorina net worth grows all the time due to her stock in many successful companies like Disney, Viacom, Comcast, CBS Corporation and many others. Thus, she gets about $214, 000 annually from her stocks in Apple; $215,000 from her stocks in Microsoft; $100,000 from her stocks in a pharmaceutical company Pfizer.

She earns a lot from her speeches, thus her speech for AT&T in Dallas brought her $48,000. Carly deliver several speeches per year. Her husband also brings home some solid amount annually. Something she gets from selling of her book. Her autobiography book is popular enough. Carly Fiorina gets about $15.00 per each book she sells in hard cover and $10.00 per book in paper cover. In fact, her “Tough Choices: A Memoir”, that she released in 2007 is interesting enough, especially first two parts. Carly makes great career advice for those, who struggle for their future.Carly Fiorina

Carly achieved a lot, but a woman can’t be happy and successful without a family. Carly Fiorina husband is the secret weapon in her race.


When Fiona Sneed entered a high school, she met Todd Bartlem. The girl fell in love and soon they got married. She was 24 then. In 7 years she got divorced. Her former husband told about their marriage, that “Carly used him to achieve her aims”, that she “was crazy from power” and that she cheated him with Frank.Carly Fiorina

Carly Fiorina insists that she met her second husband, Frank Fiorina, when she was already divorced.  She met Frank during her work at AT&T. In 1986 they got married very privately, the ceremony was closed and only 6 people attended it. Carly has two stepdaughters, the children from Frank’s first marriage. One of them tragically died in 2009 from drug addiction. Carly dreamed to have her own children but she couldn’t. That’s why her two stepdaughters were like natives to her. Now her stepdaughter is married and Carly is a grandmother of 2 girls. Her granddaughters come to visit the grandparents in their big mansion in Virginia.
Carly Fiorina

Carly Fiorina House

Carly Fiorina is ready to tell about her houses and cars openly. She owns a home in Virginia that is worth $6, 6 million.Carly Fiorina House

The mansion is situated the area of 5 acres. There’s a swimming pool and the garden just near the house.

Carly and Frank has six bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a theater, an exercise room and a hot tub. The house is built in Colonial style.

Fiorina family is also the owners of “other property” that is estimated for $2 million approximately.

Carly Fiorina lost the race for Congress in 2010. But she is ready to win in 2016. Let’s wish her luck!

Carly Fiorina interview

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