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Calvin Klein Net Worth

Calvin Klein Net Worth is $700 million

Calvin KleinDate of Birth: November 19, 1942

Nationality: American

Religion: Jewish

Calvin Richard Klein is one of the most famous and successful fashion designers in the world. Calvin Klein corporate company was launched in 1968. He achieved a lot of success during his career. Calvin Klein nationality is Jewish. He was born in the Bronx, in New York. Calvin Klein biography is rather rich and full of interesting facts. Calvin Klein is the person who is extremely talented. He was attending the High School of Art and Design but he did not graduate from it. He also attended New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology.

Before starting his bright career he was a manufacturer and was also designing clothing for different shops in New York. At the age of 26 he and his friend from childhood launched their first company. His first success came when he launched his first jeans line. His talent was noticed Spanish he showed his collection at New York Fashion Week. Since that time he became popular and well recognized for his clean lines. It is very rare when Jewish achieves such a success.

Kevin Kline was married twice. First his wife was Jayne Centre with whom they gave a birth of a daughter. But in 10 years they divorced. In 1986 Calvin Klein married Kelly Rector but in 2006 they also divorced.
Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Salary

Per year: $700 million
Per month: $58,3 million
Per week: $13,46 million
Per Day: $1,917, 808

Calvin Klein worth is about $700 million. His fashion line and his brand let him to earn such a great amount of money. Hey go to the majority of his income from the sales of clothes, watches, jewelry and fragrance. He got 70 million dollars per year for sales of just underwear collection. From retail sales he got $600 million. In general he got about $5 billion of his company’s products. All of his products are of high popularity and let him live in a way which he wants and likes.

Calvin Klein Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

Projects Best

Calvin Klein is a fashion designer who has a lot of brand names of clothes, watches, jewelry, fragrances and so on. For example, Calvin Klein Collection, ck Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein Sport, Calvin Klein Jeans, Calvin Klein Home, The Khaki Collection, Calvin Klein Golf, Calvin Klein Underwear, CK one Lifestyle brand, Calvin Klein Watches and Jewelry.
Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Awards

Calvin Klein is fashion designer who is wide spoken all over fashion world. For his talent and creative collections he received some awards. In 1974 he was the first designer true received outstanding design in male and female clothes from the CFDA award show. In 1981 and 1983 he received an award from Councils of Fashion Designers of America and was also placed on the International Best Dressed List. The same award from Councils of Fashion Designs he got in 1993.

Calvin Klein Home

Miami Beach House —$16 million

The area of the house is about 5,800 square foot. It has additional indoor and outdoor living space, huge Bay frontage, a very long swimming pool and courtyard. The house has 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and two and half additional bathrooms. The house is very light inside and spacious.
Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein

Los Angeles house —$ 25 million

The house is about 9,300 square feet which has floor-to-ceiling glass walls which make it more spacious.  It has 5 bedrooms. Off the dining room a temperature-controlled wine room is established. At the entrance of the house you can see a bridge over a waterfall. Calvin Klein equip to his house with a screen room and a swimming pool. She likes good views from the house.
Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Cars

Porsche 911 – $60,000

011 Bentley – $398,540

BMW Mini Cooper– $45,000

Pontiac GTO Judge – $35,000

Mustang – $30,000
Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein

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