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How rich is Calvin Harris?

Calvin Harris Net Worth is $110 million

Calvin Harris Net WorthDate of Birth: January 17, 1984

Nationality: Scottish

Religion: Catholic (now non-religious)

Calvin Harris age is 31. This amazing guy has already a great popularity in the world of music and showbiz. He earns money due to his love and appreciation to music. He is well known like the best DJ, songwriter, remixer, record producer, singer and musician. He’s extremely talented guy!

Calvin Harris was born in Dumfries, Scotland. His life took the start from the 17th of January, 1984. Calvin Harris’ family is quite average, which consists of his father, David Wiles, a biochemist, a mother Pamela, who is a homemaker and older sister with a brother, Sophie and Edward. It is worth to admit that Calvin, Harris, DJ Calvin Harris are the variants of his stage name, because his real name is Adam Richard Wiles. When he was 18 he had another stage name — Stouffer.

Adam attended High School in Dumfries. In his childhood he wanted to be a football player, a soccer star, as he was a great fan of football. But in his teens he stopped his interest on music, electronic music. Spending time at home he became recording bedroom demos when he was 15 years old. After leaving school future DJ-star worked in supermarket and in local factory which processed fish. His dream and greatest wish was to earn so much money that it was enough to buy DJ gear which would help him to create new records, demos, singles and songs. He devoted a lot of his time to music. It gave him much pleasure and local faith, but from the other side it made him rather reserved and shy.

At the age of 18, in 2002, Calvin Harris released two songs “Da Bongos” and “Brighter Days”. Sometime later he had decided to leave Scotland and moved to London in purpose to find work there. But time was passing, to find good job became more difficult and he had lack of money. So, he failed and returned to Scotland. He continued his work with music and began posting own recordings on his page in MySpace. His electronic singles brought him great and first success later. Two companies, EMI and Sony BMG, found this gifted guy and proposed him to cooperate. Due to social media website Calvin Harris became more popular and he was of great attention. Since that time his career became rocketing. So, since 2006, when he returned home, his popularity was growing faster and in some years he became the best and the richest DJ as Forbes claimed. He totally found himself in music.

Calvin Harris Net Worth

Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris Salary

Per year: $66 million
Per month: $5,5 million
Per week: $1, 320 million
Per day: $264, 000
It is a dream of any person and even musician or celebrity to have such a salary. But it is fair money for really gifted people, who are adored by millions of men and women, giving much positive and pleasure. Due to his giftness and hard work Calvin’s salary changes like a shot.

In 2013 he earned $46 million, next year he had $60 million and in 2015 he has earned $110 million per a year. So, just imagine that DJ Calvin Harris’ net worth is $110 million! It’s fantastic and unbelievable! He became really not only the best British DJ but the greatest-paid DJ as Forbes magazine claims.

Salary consist of his income from selling his albums, concert tours, playing in nightclubs, parties, cooperation with other musicians, different companies, designers and so on. Calvin cooperated with Coca Cola, Pepsi; wrote exclusive track for the “Yyeah Yyeah Yeah, La La La”; Kia Motors use his song in own advertisement. He also became as the new face of Giorgio Armani’ collection. Calvin Harris has rather an active position and doesn’t stop on the attained. His job and money give him much pleasure and real freedom.

Calvin Harris Net Worth
As it was mentioned, Calvin Harris is not only a DJ, but he is also a singer and a songwriter. So, he also has incomes from such spheres. He has a successful career, having an opportunity to hear all his music projects almost everywhere: on the radio, TV, nightclubs, parties, music charts and so on.

Calvin doesn’t forget about charity. He performs a lot of events, concerts, festivals in order to support and help people. His career and humanity are deeply intertwined.

Calvin Harris Net Worth

Discography Best

Calvin Harris’s songs, singles and recordings are very popular all over the world and are just unforgettable. The success of his job was shown due to UK music charts where his singles were always the best and of the high rate. So, let’s see more detailed what he had done in purpose to attract people’s attention and conquer their appreciation.

“I Created Disco” — his first album. It’s a debut album which was released in 2007 and the singles ” Acceptable in the 80’s” and” The Girls” let Calvin to be in top 10 of national chart.

“Ready for the Weekend” — the second album. It was released in 2009. It contained the UK number one hit ” I’m Not Alone”. This album earned a gold certification from the British Phonographic Industry.

“18 Months” — the third album. It was released in 2012. It was also very successful project, topping the UK charts. It is worth to admit that all album’s singles reached the top 10 of the UK Singles Chart.

“Motion” — the last album. It was released in 2014. It also has a success in UK and even US charts. His 3 songs “Under Control”, “Summer” and “Blame” are also on the top in the UK charts and are of huge popularity nowadays. All these have influenced on his luck of getting different Music Awards.

Calvin Harris – Summer

Calvin Harris Awards

Who can believe that a DJ, whose age is only 31, already has such a big amount of wins and awards?! His first awards were in 2009, the Music Producers Guild Awards and NME Awards, for Best Remixer and Best Dancefloor Filler. The year later he won MTV Video Music Awards in category of the Best Electronic Video. In 2012 and 2013 he won International Dance Music Awards in two categories. In 2013 he won Grammy Awards. Next years were also very productive and successful, which let him to win 6 different Awards. Such events, of course, make people think that DJ Calvin Harris is the best of the best! And does there anybody who can tell that he’s not a gifted DJ?

Calvin Harris Net Worth Calvin Harris Net Worth

Calvin Harris Home

Beverly Hills mansion —$15 million
Such a highly paid DJ, of course, can afford to live in the house of the dream. Calvin Harris has bought rather expensive, but equally amazing, ginormous mansion in Beverly Hills. It is very cozy and comfortable place where the star can relax and become inspired. Celvin’s brand new home is about 18 000 square feet, which has two own private pools and spa, 10 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, three-car garage, series of decks and terraces, but besides it there are two guest houses. The mansion is situated on hills and has sweeping canyon views. It is quite a luxury purchase. But why not?

Calvin Harris house

Calvin Harris houseCalvin Harris houseCalvin Harris houseCalvin Harris house

Calvin Harris Cars

McLaren 12 – $240 000
Range Rover

Lucky guy, Calvin Harris, without doubt can buy any car or for example have a collection of them, but the best DJ in the world doesn’t have a fanatic passion to buy whatever he wants or likes. His beloved car is a sports car, the McLaren 12. It is really of high speed and it is quite understandable why Calvin likes his car. He showed people a good example of the high speed career like his car has. It costs $240 000. But in purpose to have some alternative, he had decided to purchase a new blacked-Out Range Rover. This black giant is exact opposite to his speedy sports car. Balance — that in what the secret is.

Calvin Harris Cars
Calvin Harris Cars


Calvin Harris talks with Zane on Beats 1

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