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Bryce Harper Net Worth

Bryce Harper Net Worth

Bryce Harper

Bryce Harper net worth is $5 million.

Date of Birth: 16 October, 1992 (Age: 23)

Place of Birth: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Nationality: American

Religion: Christian

Source of Wealth: Baseball

Bryce Harper Salary

Per year: $750, 000

Per month: $62, 500

Per week: $15, 625

Per day: $2, 200

Bryce Harper earns his living as baseball player. He plays for Major League Baseball and it brings him $750, 000 salary annually, which is incredible for the fellow of his age.

Bryce started his career, being a college student. He was so successful playing this sport game that managed to sign extremely profitable deal at the age of 18. Then he was chosen as the new member of Washington Nationals. Soon Bryce Harper managed to become the team star. With the help of his manager he signed extremely profitable contract. The deal is supposed to be valid within 5 years. The baseball player will get $9 million profit. He can get bonus money of $6 million if his play will be successful enough and he will bring victory to his team.

Bryce Harper current net worth is estimated as $5 million by Forbes. Potentially he will be worth much more the next year. Harper is considered as the most successful young baseball player in the world.

Bryce Harper Net Worth

Bryce Harper

How Much is Bryce Harper Worth

Like any other rising star, Bryce Harper gets bigger and bigger salary from year to year. He started his career from comparatively low payment and now he can boast with really high salary. We have estimated his earnings from year to year for you to have a look and to compare.

  1. 2010 – 2011 – $250, 000
  2. 2011 – 2012 – $300, 000
  3. 2012 – 2013 – $500, 000
  4. 2013 – 2014 – $650, 000
  5. 2014 – 2015 – $750, 000

Like a young baseball star, Bryce Harper gets some amount of money from his team management for his personal needs. He gets about $230, 000 annually for car expenses, restaurants and plane tickets.

Bryce Harper Houses

  1. House in LA – $1, 4 million

    Bryce Harper Net Worth

    Bryce Harper

Bryce Harper is a young man. He is single and doesn’t plan to marry in the nearest future. Nevertheless he has already bought a luxurious house in Los Angeles.

His house has 2 bedrooms and several bathrooms. The star has a well equipped gym in his house, so he can start his day with an intensive workout.

Bryce Harper Cars

1. Benz – $650, 000

Bryce loves fast expensive vehicles. He is a happy owner of Benz. Very often Bryce is noticed in LA, driving his luxurious vehicle. He likes shopping at weekends when he buys healthy food and brand clothes.

Bryce has just started to earn his net worth. Next year he will cost more!

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