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Brie Larson to surprise fans in the role of… Captain Marvel

The upcoming project is going to bring joy and lots of laugh to audience as it will be shown at Comic Con 2016. The festival will take place in USA and will gather all stand-up actors together.

 Brie Larson in the role of Captain Marvel

Despite the fact she is not a comedy actress, this character is going to suit her well as also add some diversity to the experience list and points to her ranks as well. There were some rumors around the fact of the performance production, as everybody was eager to hear who will make the main role. But the director not long ago announced it will be Brie to create the central line in this comic project.

To persuade and maybe tease the fans a bit, the young lady posts some photos on Instagram about how she is coping with the role, looking for some details in publications at home in the surrounding of pillows. That looks really cute, so if you are eager to get some more additional information, feel free to subscribe on the account.

One more fact was also presented to public – a film is going to be made, with the name “Captain Marvel” and Brie Larson in the first role. The uncertain date to release it is 8 March, 2019. However, it may be only a supposal, because everything is so changeable in the present world.

Besides, other on-screen productions the actress can be seen in are “Brooklyn Bridge”, “The Gambler”, “Room”, “Digging for Fire”, “Trainwreek” and many others; the list is not full.

Brie Larson started her career in late teens and is moving forward, gaining fame with new and each time more interesting project as her latest one “Captain Marvel”. Her success is considered to be big, as the material side of it is estimated as $3,000,000, gained from hard working days in the entertainment industry. The other side is measured in dozens of fans, who are looking for every time she appears on TV or in the commercials, which are also supposed to bring the vogue.

Brie Larson to surprise fans in the role of… Captain Marvel

Brie Larson to surprise fans in the role of… Captain Marvel

The place Brie currently stays is Los Angeles, due to the work schedule.

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