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Brian Williams Net Worth

Brian Williams net worth is $40 million dollars.

Date of Birth: 5 May, 1959 (Age: 57)

Nationality: American

Religion: Catholic

Brian Williams net worth

Brian Williams

Everyone, who wants to become a journalist, must think about getting great education. Brian Williams is one of the most famous journalists in the world, but his education is unfinished. But in spite of this fact he managed to make a great career and gather a solid net worth. Unfortunately, his career is under suspension today.

He was born in Elmira, NY and dreamed to become the journalist from 6 years old. He entered George Washington University, but spent just three years there. He didn’t get his diploma, nevertheless he managed to find a prestigious job at National Association of Broadcasters. Several years later his career made a great step forward, when he was accepted to work for NBC News.

From that moment and till 2015 Brian Williams enjoyed his fame and great financial success. He started his own program, “News with Brian Adams”.

Brian Williams net worth

Brian Williams

In 2003 he was invited to replace another famous journalist and writer, Tom Brokaw, and to host NBC News Nightly. He became extremely successful and famous from that moment. Many people in USA believe each his word till 2015, when he lied and was copped at it. He used to tell, he was burning in a hit helicopter during the war in Iraq. One of the passengers of that helicopter read Brian’s words in FaceBook and disclosed him.

Now Brian Williams is suspended from work for 6 months.

Brian Williams net worth

Brian Williams

How Much Is Brian Williams Worth or Brian Williams Salary

Per year: $13 million

Per month: $1, 1 million

Per week: $270, 833

Per day: $38, 690

Brian Williams net worth

Brian Williams

Many people are impressed, when they hear about Brian Williams salary. He is not the movie star and he is not a famous athlete, so why he is worth such a solid money. In fact, Brian Williams has already become a family member for most of Americans. They are looking forward to his reports and they trust him.

His lie, or “exaggeration”, as he used to call the incident himself, caused the great decrease of rating of NBC Night News, because spectators lost their trust.

Brian Williams Salary in 2003-2016

Like any other person, Brian Williams started from lower earnings and his salary was gradually increasing. He enjoyed his wealth and was not going to count every single dollar. But now he must, because he was sent to six months unpaid vacation as he was suspended at NBC.

Brian Williams net worth

Brian Williams

Here’s Brian Williams salary changing from year to year:

  1. 2003 – $8 million
  2. 2006 – $10 million
  3. 2013 – $13 million
  4. 2015 – till now – $0

    Brian Williams net worth

    Brian Williams

Brian Williams Houses

  1. House in New Canaan, Connecticut – $1, 7 million

    Brian Williams House

    Brian Williams House in New Canaan, Connecticut

Now, when Brian Williams is suspended, he lives in his old house in Connecticut with his wife, a journalist Jane Stoddard and their two daughters.

Brian Williams Cars

  1. Porsche – $46, 475
Brian Williams car

Brian Williams Porsche

Brian Williams is one of the most passionate car lovers in the world. He prefers sport cars.

Nobody knows, if he returns to NBC after suspension, but even now he can enjoy his life!

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