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What brands of cell phones are popular among celebrities?

There is a perception that Hollywood celebrities prefer only branded things. Interest in what lies in the stars’ pocket or pursue is only growing. In this connection there was a question about what kind of phones do celebrities use in Hollywood?

Some of the stars prefer so-called things of the last century. For example, the famous singer Madonna opted for the company “Apple”. Mobile phones of this manufacturer have attracted a celebrity as its discreet design, style and functionality. “Apple” products and such Hollywood stars as Kevin Federline, Melanie Griffith and Megan Fox.


Stars, prefers iPhone

“BlackBerry” helps to demonstrate its status. Lindsay Lohan prefers expensive phones from this company. To be visible and stand out among the rest Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton also wanted. This device allowed the celebrities to advertise.

Stars, prefers Blackberry

Stars, prefers Blackberry

The third place in the ranking of the most popular manufacturers of phones for the stars is «Sidekick”. This device is used by the above-mentioned Paris Hilton. One phone, apparently, celebrity was not enough, so she decided to buy the second. Victoria Beckham also enjoys the same brand. However, I must say that celebrity was unable to part with his old friend, the Motorola RAZRV 3.

 Paris Hilton phone

Paris Hilton prefers sidekick phones

David Beckham, like his wife, enjoys the phone company “Motorola”. The thing is in the advertising contract that the player signed with the producers of these products. Now he is forced to go with phones “Motorola” and, casually, to show them to the public. Due to this contract and other income David became richer £65 million.

Beckham Family

Beckham Family

The popularity of Nokia” brand was decided to increase at the expense of Hollywood celebrities. The company decided that if the gave their products in the nomination “Oscar», all would speak about this product and would buy it. This move was done with Reese Witherspoon and some other nominees. However, such cases increase its popularity a lot.

Reese Witherspoon and her Nokia Phone

Reese Witherspoon and her Nokia Phone

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