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Bob Weinstein Net Worth

Bob Weinstein net worth is $200 Million

Date of Birth: 18 October, 1954Bob Weinstein

Nationality: American

Religion: Jewish

He had an income more than $16 million per year, but now his company is close to bankruptcy. What mistake did Bob Weinstein make?

Bob Weinstein Biography

Bob Weinstein was born on the 18th of October in 1954 at Queens (New York). His father, Max Weinstein, worked as diamond cutter and his mother, Miriam, was a housewife. He also has an elder brother, famous filmmaker and his business partner, Harvey Weinstein.

Being in college, Weinstein brothers got interested in movie making. But they started their career from producing rock concerts. Bob Weinstein, together with his brother, saved some money from their concerts promotion and then started a small filmmaking company. They called it “Miramax” – after the names of their parents. At first company produced musical shows and musical films. Thus they created the film about Paul McCartney.

In 1993 Miramax was bought by Disney Company. Two talented brothers remained directors of Miramax. These years were the most successful in their career. Weinstein movies were the best from the best. They made “Spy Kids”, “Scream” franchise, “Scary Movie” franchise,  “Shakespeare in Love”, “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, “Chicago” and many others.

Later they left “Miramax” because of dispute with the head of Disney Michael Eisner. In 2005 Bob Weinstein, together with his brother, founded their own company, “The Weinstein Company”. Now this company is close to bankruptcy.
Bob Weinstein

Bob Weinstein Salary

Per year: $16 million

Per month: $1, 3 million

Per week: $333, 000

Per day: $47, 620

Of course, the salary of Bob Weinstein is defined in average. He had really successful years, when he got much more and in 2015, unfortunately, his film producing company is not so successful.

Bob Weinstein is called Hollywood legend. Weinstein films were nominated for Oscar 303 times. They won in 75 nominations. At the same time the face of Bob Weinstein is known not to everyone. That’s why he has no endorsement deals.
Bob Weinstein

The main source of his income is film TV production. Bob and Harvey Weinstein got $80 million for selling their company “Miramax” to Disney. Bob earned a lot as a maker of really famous Oscar winning movies. But when Weinstein producer left “Miramax” and founded “The Weinstein Brothers” something has gone wrong. They invested $1 billion to their new company. A part of this amount was borrowed. When the brothers started a new company, they concentrated on making various fashion shows and concerts, not on film making. It was a wrong decision, because the profit of the company was extremely low. In 2006 they made a deal with Genius, company that specialized on home making videos, but their partner went bust soon. Weinstein brothers got $75 million of loan to concentrate on film making. They succeeded in 2012, when made the film “Silver Linings Playbook”. They got about $200 million of profit.
Bob Weinstein

Now the company produces small TV shows, that can’t solve the great problem of their debt. Probably, Bob Weinstein will force to close his company soon. It is a pity, because Weinstein Oscar party they arranged regularly in Beverly Hills won’t be made anymore in this case.

Probably, Dr. Robert Weinstein will start a new project. Otherwise he can concentrate on his family problems!
Bob Weinstein

Bob Weinstein Family Life

Family life of famous TV producer is quite complicated. He was married twice. Bob Weinstein had two children with his first wife. In 2000 he got married Anne Clancy. She used to work as a book editor but then she was forced to leave her job. To make her fortune, the woman found a temporary job at “Miramax”. There she met Bob, her future husband. As the friends of the couple say, they had an occasional meeting at the elevator and Anne didn’t even know that the man she talked to was the co-founder of the company. They got married and had two children together – a son and a daughter.
Bob Weinstein

In 2012 (April) Anne Weinstein filed the divorce papers. She wrote that they had “awful family battle”, during which the famous producer hit her and that she is afraid of him.

Bob Weinstein denied the fact that he had beaten his wife. He told, Anne had drinking problems and he together with some other relatives tried to force Anne to start her rehab. The dirty laundry of Weinstein family was “washed” worldwide but finally they separated officially. Now Bob Weinstein is alone.

Bob Weinstein Houses

Bob Weinstein is not the car lover, that’s why in spite of his great salary he has no car collection at home. But he is the owner of several great houses. Thus he has Greenwich estate.

  1. Greenwich Estate – $32 million

The estate was bought in 2000, when producer was just married Anne and planned to live here with his new family. The house looks impressive, it is big enough, although Bob Weinstein didn’t share photos of the interior design of his house, that’s why it is hard to tell, how many premises are there.

Bob Weinstein House
Bob Weinstein house Bob Weinstein House

But the territory around the house looks wonderful. The home is surrounded by tall trees. The house is situated near the water, so producer can go yachting in his free time.

Bob Weinstein is also the owner of home on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Probably, he will sell it after the divorce with his wife.

Harvey and Bob Weinstein to be Honored at Made in NY Awards

Bob Weinstein Cars

Unfortunately, there is no information about cars he has got.

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