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Big commercial after big break – Selena Gomez appears on Australian “Vogue” cover

 Selena Gomez on “Vogue” coverHow is it – to be attractive and beautiful, to have dozens of fans and stay lonesome, having no one to date with? Is the work, tight schedule to be a reason?

However, she is still on the way of popularity, capturing the eye with music tours, movies to be released and, of course, modeling business.

The new upcoming project in that industry is going to bring her money and fame, which was a bit lost after the breaking process with Justin Bieber, when they were publishing and selling some photos from common rest and so on. The star is no more afraid of high publicity.

September piece of “Vogue” is going to be presented in the second part of August, so if you are somehow interested in the actress, you are free to look for it. This commercial, as well as many others, bring Selena quite a solid income, which can be counted as $470,500.

Being on the first page means not just receiving the highest payment, but also to tease the fans with new appearance, wising everybody to have a cool summer.

As about the private life, Selena does not have a relationship at the moment.

Her comments are:

“Nobody would want to throw themselves into that situation where it was so heightened publicly, like, why would they?”

The young lady hangs out with friend, resting after the work shifts and big stages, but nobody is going to become her spouse.

What brings her popularity is cinema. The projects she took part in are “In Dubious Battle”, “Hotel Transylvania”, “Behaving Badly”, “Rudder Cess” and so on; the list is not full.

 Selena Gomez on Australian “Vogue” cover

Besides, Selena may be seen in some TV productions, as for example “Barrey and Friends” and “Wizard of Waverly Place”.

She travels much, mostly with concerts, which help to make the name and vogue in music field of art. But endorsement is what does that work rapidly, that is why she decided to make that photo shoot.

Selena Gomez net worth currently is $18,000,000 – what is considered to be a huge success in her young age.

The property she is the owner of is located in Hidden Hills, Los Angeles.

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