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Big Bang Net Worth

Big Bang net worth is $47 million.

Date of Birth: 17 August, 2006 (Age: 9)

Nationality: South Korean

Religion: Buddhism

Big Bang Net Worth

Big Bang

Of course, $47 million net worth belongs not to the separate member of South Korean band, in this way the assets of the band in general are estimated. Nevertheless it is one of the most popular and most profitable bands in the world, that’s why it is worth our attention.

The group was formed on the 17th of August in 2006, in South Korea. There are 5 members in the band. Their leader is G-Dragon, who is also called Kwon Ji-yong.

The fellows released their first album in 2006, but it got modest reviews from both, critics and the audience.

Big Bang Net Worth

Big Bang

Their big break took in 2007, when they released the song “Lies’, which had become Number One song in South Korea and well known international hit.

The international success of the band is not occasional or unexpected. Two members of the band, Taeyang and G-Dragon, were professional and successful performers, when they decided to form the band. G-Dragon was taught playing music since he was 11. His colleague, Taeyang, had been a famous Korean rapper, before he became the member of the band. They took part in the annual concert in 2006, thus proclaiming themselves as a new band. In December, 2006 they gave their first solo concert and released the first album. They sold 48, 000 copies of it in the beginning of 2007.

Big Bang Net Worth

Big Bang

How Much Is Big Bang Worth or Big Bang Salary

Of course, each member of BIGBANG has his own income, earnings and salary, which are calculated according to their duties and abilities.

But in general the famous band, which is considered as No.2 Korean influential band in the world, can boast with $28 million of pure income annually.

The musicians earn their money, selling copies of their albums – they have already released three of them. They also get money from concert shows, which they arrange all over the world, and from rotation of their songs on TV and on the radio (most of the songs are written by the members of the band).

Big Bang Net Worth

Big Bang

Of course, the members of popular band are busy in aside activities too. They take part in various interviews, talk shows and endorse various products. As a result, they bring home millions of dollars.

Big Bang Salary per Concert

The concerts of the band are visited by fans all over the world. The boys perform on the biggest stages in the world. Usually they play music in front of 13, 000 of people. It gives them an opportunity to earn about $2 million dollars per each concert.

Big Bang Net Worth

Big Bang

By the way, they arrange about 50 concerts per season or more.

Big Bang Houses

Each member of the band can boast with a number of houses and cars, which they have bought during 9 years of their activity.

For example, their leader, G-Dragon, is the owner of two huge apartments in Seoul.

Big Bang Cars

It is not known, what cars Big Bang members prefer, but no doubt, they are expensive and beautiful.

Big Bang Net Worth

Big Bang

Big Bang has become incredibly successful, but the musicians are not going to stop. They develop many new projects, including personal gigs.

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