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How mush is Beyonce worth?

Beyonce Net Worth is $465 million

Beyonce Net Worth

Date of Birth: September 4, 1981

Nationality: American

Religion: Methodist

Beyonce’s bio is rather rich because she had started her career at an early age. She was born in Houston, Texas, USA. Besides parents she has a sister who is also a singer. Beyonce attended St. Mary’s Elementary School in Fredericksburg. She attended dance classes and then she became interested in singing. She began take part in different talent shows which brought her success in sometime later. Since that time they created a group which in some years was renamed to Destiny’s Child. In 2008 she married Jay-Z. This amazing couple has a daughter — Blue Ivy.

Beyonce salary in 2015

Per year: $54,4 million
Per month: $4,53 million
Per week: $1, 088 million
Per Day: $217, 600

In 2015 Beyonce net worth was $465 million. It is worth to admit that previous year her net worth was just $15 million less than this year. In 2013 she had $400 million. In 2012 her net worth was $70 million less than in 2013. And in 2011 she got $ 265 million.

She has a lot of sources of income. Every year she got money from the sale of her albums, from concerts, from tutoring, public appearance or in TV shows, from cooperation with different companies, from sales of her designer works and perfumes. She also plays in movies and don’t forget also about charity.

She works with such companies like Pepsi (signed $50 million contract), Tommy Hilfiger, American Express, Nintendo DS, L’Oreal. Beyonce Net Worth
Beyonce Knowels albums also let her earn enormous sums of money. For example, she got $29 million from her soundtrack album The Pink Panther, $22,5 million from Dream-girls, $ 20 million — Obsessed, $ 18,7 million from Life Is But a Dream, $ 42 million — Beyonce and $15 million from Epic. There is also income and earns from her songs. For example, she had earned $4 million from Partition, $ 5 million from Drunk in Love, $ 7 million from Pretty Hurts, $ 35 million from Miss Swing Miss Soul, $ 48 million from Beyonce: Platinum Edition.

Discography Best

Beyonce has released only 5 music albums but these songs were very popular all over the world. In spite of its number she didn’t fail the chance to win numerous Awards.

Her first album was released in 2003 “Dangerously in Love“. She sold 317,000 copies only in first week and 11 million copies worldwide.

Beyonce.  Dangerously in Love. Album Cover

Beyonce. Dangerously in Love. Album Cover

In 2006 the second album was released “B’Day”.  In its first week it sold 541,000 copies.


Beyonce. B’Day. Album Cover

In two years the next album was released “I Am… Sasha Fierce”.

Beyonce. I Am... Sasha Fierce. Album Cover

Beyonce. I Am… Sasha Fierce. Album Cover

The 4th album is “4” (2011). It debuted top chart Billboard 200 and sold 310,000 copies, of course, in its first week.

Beyonce. 4. Album Cover

Beyonce. 4. Album Cover

And the last was released in 2013 “Beyonce”.

Beyonce. Beyonce. Album Cover

Beyonce. Beyonce. Album Cover

All of them gave her a crazy popularity in the whole world.
Beyonce Net Worth

Beyonce Awards

Beyonce’s successful career is crowned with a big amount of different Awards.  During her career she had won 20 Grammy Awards, 12 MTV Music Video Awards and a Billboard Millennium Award. She is one of the best selling music artists because she had sold over 15 million albums in the USA and 118 million records all over the world. Beyonce was also in the list of the “100 Greatest Women in Music”.

She was honored with International Artist Award. In 2006 Beyonce also won two awards at the Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards.

Beyonce Net Worth
Beyonce Net Worth

Beyonce Home

Mansion in the Hamptons —$43,5 million.

Beyonce new house is of about 31 000 Square feet. It had 12 bedrooms, two-bedroom apartment, bar, recording studio, media room, library, disco, bowling alley, tennis and basketball court, virtual golf, rock-climbing wall, spa, gym, massage-room, children’s area and 8-car garage. She and her husband are paying $400K per month in purpose to keep their house clean.

Beyonce house
Beyonce house
Beyonce house

Beyonce house

Beyonce Cars

Beyonce’s car-collection underlines her love to comfort, style and speed.

Bugatti Veyron —$2,000,000

Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren —$500,000

Mercedes-Benz S-Class—$115,000

Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II —$45,000

Cadillac Escalade —$68,000

Beyonce car
Beyonce car
Beyonce car
Beyonce car

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