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Barack Obama Net Worth

President Obama net worth is $12, 2 million.

Barack Obama Net Worth
Date of Birth
: August 4, 1961

Nationality: American

Religion: Christian

In fact, Barack Obama wealth is not defined exactly. According to some sources, his net worth is just $7 million. There’s just $1,000 at his official account. The account is extremely low in funds. Thus the most influential man in USA probably owns some secret account, where he saves all his money. But Barack Obama and the First Lady explain that they have spent too much money for the college of their two daughters, that’s why their funds are low.

In any case, the black boy from Hawaii has made an amazing career and earned millions. Barack Obama was born in August, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii. His parents, Barack Obama Sr. and Ann Dunham, studied at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. They met each other during their studying and got married in 1961. Six month later they met their first child – the son Barack. Later the father of the future president left home to continue his education. He separated with his wife and son. Several years later they divorced officially. Barack Obama had seen his father just several times in his life. He told later, the absence of his father was the main pain of his childhood.

The other pain was connected with color of his skin. There were only three black-skinned students in his school. He thought, there was something wrong with him as most of people around him were white. Obama biography is the sample of struggle of black-skinned boy for his happy future.

Nevertheless he continued his education. Barack Obama graduated from Columbia University and Harvard Law School. He started to work as a lawyer at Sidley Austin Law firm. There he met his wife, Michelle Robinson. They got married in 1992. The couple has two daughters, Malia and Sasha.
Barack Obama Net Worth
Barack Obama earned enough, serving as a lawyer. But his wallet became much bigger, when he published his first book. Later Barack started his career as politician.

Barack Obama Salary

Per year: $400,000
Per month: $34,000
Per week: $8,500
Per day: $1,214
The net worth of Barack Obama bumped up during the years of his Presidency. At the same time, he is not the richest President of USA and his wealth is nothing in comparison with the net worth of Bill Clinton. How did the president managed to earn his millions?

His salary became quite impressive, when he served as director of Developing Communities. It used to be church-based organization. It was the time, when Barack Obama pinpointed his religion as Christianity. His mother used to be Christian, while his father used to be Muslim, who later became an atheist. So, what religion is President Obama? He is Christian, like his mother.

President Obama salary is high enough, but he gets much more money from selling of his books than from serving as a President.

Barack Obama published his first book in 1995. “Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance” became popular all over the world. Ten years later he published the second part of the book, “Audacity of Hope”. In 2006 the selling of two parts of his books brought $4, 2 million to his account. Barack Obama net worth grows all the time due to the books he sells. Thus he gets $3.75 per every book in hardcover he sells and $1, 2 for the book in paper cover.

Barack Obama Net Worth Barack Obama Net Worth book

Barack Obama earns as a writer and as a politician. His income of a President is high enough. Besides he has an opportunity to save some money, because at his post he has an access to $100,000 tax free account that he uses for his travelling. Besides he is given $20,000 account for entertainments.

Some Americans support Obama as the president, the other are not satisfied with his work. But in any case the career way of Barack Obama is full of achievements and awards.

Barack Obama Awards

Barack Obama was elected as the first African American President. It can be considered as the main his achievement. But he has many other awards plus to this achievement.

Thus, in 2009 he has got Nobel  Peace Prize – a very prestigious award as the person, who did a lot of work for fraternity of different nations.Barack Obama Net Worth award

In 2008 he got Grammy Award for best spoken word album (for audiobook “The Audacity of Hope”)
In 2012 he became Time’s Person of the Year.
Barack Obama Net Worth award

Barack Obama serves as a President of USA since 2009. No doubt, he did a lot for his nation during the years of service. He also did a lot for his family – he earned enough money and he spent his money for his wife and daughters.

Obama Houses

As it was mentioned above, Barack Obama had spent $200,000 for his daughters’ education. But what about his home? How much did he spend to create cozy residence for himself and his family?

Chicago Home – $2 million
Obama family had lived in the great historical mansion till 2008. Now the house stays empty most time of the year.
The building has historical value. It was built in 1910 and is a sample of Georgian architectural style. Now the residence is estimated around $2 million, but Barack Obama paid $1, 65 million for it. Michelle Obama made the house cozier – she did all the designing work.
The house has a big kitchen with granite floor. The kitchen of Obamas is decorated with expensive mahogany tree. There are 4 fireplaces in the mansion, 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. The house has climate control system.
Barack Obama Net Worth house
Barack Obama Net Worth house
Barack Obama Net Worth house

Barack Obama Cars

1. Chrysler 300C – $1 million
The car is 2005 year model. Obama bought it that very year for $15,000, being Senator of Illinois. Later he sold the car to Lisa Czibor, who is selling it for $1 million now as the car that used to carry the president. The price must be too high, as nobody bids for it!
Barack Obama Net Worth car

2. Presidential Limo – $450,000
Cadillac limousine has no special model, but it is nicknamed “The Beast”. The car is worth to carry the president – it is fast and powerful. Barack Obama feels safe inside of it!
Barack Obama Net Worth car
Barack Obama Net Worth car
Being the 44th president of USA, Barack Obama has made an honest career from a small Kenyan boy to the president. His father could be proud of Obama Jr.

Barack Obama on David Letterman

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