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How much money Ashanti has?

Ashanti net worth is $20 million

Date of Birth: 13 October, 1980 (Age: 35)

Place of Birth: New York, USA

Nationality: American

Source of wealth: music, TV, films

Ashanti net worth


Ashanti Salary

Per year: $2,352,940

Per month: $196,078

Per week: $49,019

Per day: $7,002

How is it – to release the debut album, being inexperienced and young, and appear in the Billboard Chart on the first place? Here is a perfect pattern for you – a woman, who got everything she has by own talent and will to move forward despite the difficulties; to go on until the victory – Ashanti – a person, who changed the music industry once completely.

Ashanti net worth


How much is Ashanti worth?

This successful woman may be proud of $20,000,000 material state and approximately $2,352,940 yearly income, gained from album releases as well as from on-screen projects she often participates in. Her career began in 2002 and from that time till the present moment her name is frequently heard in the Top Charts as also in movie productions. But what were the initial steps?

Ashanti was born in New York – the city with charming atmosphere and huge possibilities. The addiction to music was seen from childhood, so performing field of art was chosen after finishing the high school. Probably, it was the right solution all fans now regard to.

At present, she is in-demand and popular, with a great experience and a solid material situation as a good background for her development and future.

Source of wealth:

Music: the albums Ashanti released are “Brave Heart” – $3,496,500, “Icon” – $2,164,500, “The Declamation” – $1,623,377, “The Vault” – $1,385,800… and others; the list is not full.

Cinema: she may be seen in “”John Tucker Must Die”, “Coach Carter”, “Resident Evil…”

TV: Ashanti participated in “Sabrina” and “The Teenage Witch”.

Endorsement: being a face for many companies, she earns nearly $522,876

Ashanti House

The property she co-owns and currently stays in is Powell Family House in Buffalo, New York.

Ashanti home

Ashanti Powell Family House in Buffalo, New York.

Unfortunately, there is no information about the vehicles she drives.

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