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Armin Van Buuren Net Worth

Armin Van Buuren net worth is $40 million.

Date of Birth: December 25, 1976Armin Van Buuren Net Worth

Nationality: Dutch

Religion: Christian, but non religious

 He occupies the fifth position in the list of 30 richest DJ-s in the world. But Armin Van Buuren earns his money not just as a DJ. He is also a songwriter, producer, pianist and remixer. Armin Van Buuren has made a wonderful career and it seems, he is not going to stop!

Armin Van Buuren Biography and Career

Armin Van Buuren was born in December, 1976 in Netherlands. From the very childhood the boy got interested in music. When he was 14, he heard the compositions of Jean Michelle Jarre. It was his favorite musician and one day he dreamed to become as popular as Jean Michelle.

At the same time Armin Van Buuren visited gymnasium in Leiden (Netherlands) and was a brilliant student. After his graduation he entered Leiden University, where studied law. But during his student years, Armin felt, he was not interested in law. But making music was much closer for him. He started to work as DJ at the local club called Neuxus. Music career of Van Buuren got more vivid and he dropped his University. But he returned in 2003 to get his degree in law.

The most important year for Armin Van Buuren was 1995. He started to create music in new (for that time) genre called “trance”. The fellow was just 19, when Armin Van Buuren songs brought first fame to him. The first composition that made Armin Van Buuren DJ a star was “Blue Fear”. Later he recorded another famous track “Communication”. Soon Armin became popular in native Netherlands. His music became well known in USA, Great Britain and Australia. Actually, his long compositions (some of them lasted during 7 hours) got popular in 25 countries all over the world. Every summer hits from Armin Van Buuren were played at popular musical festivals.
Armin Van Buuren Net Worth

Armin Van Buuren best trance compositions are played at night clubs worldwide. In fact, it was not an easy decision of DJ to create compositions in that genre, that later became his calling card. He was hesitating between trance and progressive house music. Finally he released his first album “The State of Trance”. He sold 10,000 copies during the first week. Thus Dutch musician understood, he had made the right choice.

Now Armin Van Buuren is 38, but he is still full of new ideas and plans. Not long ago he presented his fifth album “Intense” he was preparing during three years. Armin Van Buuren Intense is the result of his hard work and musical experiments. But now he is ready to present his fans the new album.
Armin Van Buuren Net Worth

Armin Van Buuren Salary

Per year: $4,848,000

Per month: $404, 000

Per week: $101, 000

Per day: $14, 430

Yes, the income of the remixer from Netherlands is impressive. But what does he do, to get such an impressive salary and is he worth of what he is making?

Most part of that income Armin Van Buuren gets from his gigs and selling of his albums. He gets more than $3 million annually.

Armin Van Buuren Net Worth

But his albums are not the only source of income for  DJ. He also gets money from sponsorship and from appearance in various TV shows. Thus in 2015 he got $1, 250, 000 for this.

Armin Van Buuren brings home a lot, because he wants to provide his wife and two children for everything.

Armin Van Buuren Family Life

Armin Van Buuren is a happy father and husband. He met Erika van Thiel in 2000, during his vacations at Cairo. They were a happy couple during long nine years, when Armin finally proposed Erika. On the 18th of September, in 2009 they got married. Soon Erika and Armin welcomed their first child – a daughter Fenna. She was born in 2011. Two years later Armin Van Buuren son was born. His name is Remi.

Armin Van Buuren Net Worth

Armin Van Buuren House

Armin Van Buuren is one of the richest DJs in the world, but his place of residence is his native Leiden in Netherlands. It is not known, if Armin has mansions in other countries, and if his house in Leiden is luxurious.

Armin Van Buuren Car

But it is known for sure, that not long ago DJ became the happy owner of Jaguar XE. Great red car is one of the best purchases of Armin Van Buuren It costs about $30, 000 but probably, trance master got it for a lower price as he has endorsement deal with the company that produces this vehicle.
Armin Van Buuren Car

Armin Van Buuren has another passion that costs him money. He is a devoted fan of Star Wars and he is ready to spend thousands of dollars to get souvenirs that are connected with this franchise and its heroes.
Armin Van Buuren Net Worth

Thus during one of his tours Armin bought Yoda cooking jar. At first the musician was happy to get this souvenir but then he regretted, he had purchased it as it was so hard to take the thing home.

Armin Van Buuren likes to wear expensive clothes. His favorite thing is leather jacket from Denham that costs $1,500. But Armin didn’t pay for it from his own pocket. It was sponsored for the musician.

Armin Van Buuren is one of the best DJ-s in the world. He is talented and writes great music. It is the reason of his great earnings and popularity.

DJTT Interviews Armin Van Buuren

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