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How much is Anna Kournikova worth?

Anna Kournikova net worth is $50 million

Date of Birth: 7 June, 1981 (Age: 35)

Place of Birth: Moscow, USSR

Nationality: Russian

Source of wealth: sport, TV

Anna Kournikova net worth

Anna Kournikova

What can be more amazing – to start the career in USSR and become world-famous tennis player, or to settle down in Miami after finishing it? Anna Kournikova is the best example of how a woman can change the life by own power and a strong will. Gaining success playing doubles on globe championships, Anna was also receiving wealth. So,

Anna Kournikova net worth

Anna Kournikova

How much is Anna Kournikova worth?

This successful and beautiful woman can be proud of $50,000,000 material state, being former World #1, before one accident happened.

Her career started in early teens, but the young lady felt the serious addiction to sport even in childhood. She was not given any singular title, playing doubles he whole life. But still it was a pity for her to leave sport due to some health, spinal, problems.

Does the life continue after such essential changes in life? Nowadays Anna is active in on-screen industry, making part for some projects. Besides, she does the charity work, helping small children to beat the diseases they have.

However, she did not give up tennis, appearing from time to time on St. Louis Aces shows.

Source of wealth:

The source of income is WTA tours – tournaments, founded and held by Women’s Tennis Association, which was created in 1973 in USA. Since that time it is considered to be the most influential tennis organization in the world.

Here are the most famous WTA Tours Ms. Kournikova did:

WTA Tour 2000 – $984,930

WTA Tour 2001 – $305,400

WTA Tour 2002 – $515,640

TV industry: she may be seen in show “The Biggest Loser” as well as in the variety other programs as a special guest.

Awards: Anna is the owner of Grand Slam Double Awards.

Charity work: pretends to be the Ambassador from American organization “Five and Alive”, which helps children under five years old, as also their families.

Anna Kournikova Property

In 2012 Anna sold her Miami Beach mansion for $7.4million. 

Anna Kournikova Miami Beach mansion

Anna Kournikova Miami Beach mansion

It was 6,630 square feet and had: 7 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, guesthouse, pool, the deck and the beautiful gardens according to the Daily Mail. Where she stays now? Maybe with Enrique Iglesias who in 2013 bought waterfront Miami mansion for $26 million with a tennis court. 

Anna Kournikova house

Anna Kournikova house in Miami Beach

Anna Kournikova Car

The vehicle she is driving is Cadillac Escalade.

Anna Kournikova car

Anna Kournikova Cadillac Escalade

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