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How rich is Ana Ivanovic?

Ana Ivanovic net worth is $16 million

Date of Birth: 6 November, 1987 (Age: 26)

Place of Birth: Belgrad, Jugoslavia

Nationality: Serbian

Source of wealth: sport, music

Ana Ivanovic net worth

Ana Ivanovic

Ana Ivanovic salary:

Per year: $1,500,000

Per month: $125,000

Per week: $31,250

Per day: $4,464

Ana Ivanovic is a Serbian tennis player, whose career started not long ago and now brings fresh and positive results. International recognition and victories on world championships are not the only things of her appreciation- this craft brings also wealth. So,

Ana Ivanovic net worth

Ana Ivanovic

How much is Ana Ivanovic worth?

This successful young woman may boast with $16,000,000 material state, which quite a solid amount of money, and approximately $1,500,000 annual payments, gained from tournaments and sport battles she has. But what were the initial steps?

Born I 1987, she was from childhood oriented on sport, especially on tennis. It was Monica Seles on TV screen to inspire her on playing tennis – that is what she does from the age of 5. The nearer supporters were parents, who encouraged little Ana for plays. However, she did not forget about studying. The young lady got a degree in Finance at University of Belgrad. But since early childhood all her life and time spending is connected with tennis, or maybe tennis is her life?

Source of wealth: The professional career started in 2004 from her appearance at Wimbledon Tournament, making great results, while competing even in the final tour.

2005 – The first title to be won in the sport world at the Canberra International.

2006 – Ana became the champion, winning the Rodgers Cup.

Ana Ivanovic net worth

Ana Ivanovic

2008 – The sportswoman won the French Open and was among the finalists of Australian Open.

2013 – Brought national fame at Wimbledon Tournament/

Her trainer is Dan Holzmann – the person, who raised the sport star.

Music: her name appeared in a song, created by Serbian rapper. The track is called “Hurricane Anna”.

Public work: recently Ana Ivanovic became the National Ambassador from UNICEF.

Ana Ivanovic house:

Currently, there is no information about where she stays. Unfortunately, there is no information about the car she is driving.

Ana Ivanovic house

Ana Ivanovic

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