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Amanda Freitag Net Worth

Amanda Freitag net worth is $3 million.

Date of Birth: May 11, 1972Amanda Freitag

Nationality: American

Religion: Non Religious

Just imagine fresh hot apple pie, sweet and juicy. She can cook lots of them and not just them. Cooking will always be in fashion as most of people on earth like eating. That’s why Chef Amanda Freitag managed to become a millionaire. “I’m motivated by the fear and anxiety of failure” she used to tell. That is the secret of her success … and a lot of try, of course.

Amanda Freitag Biography

Amanda Freitag was born on the 11th of May in 1972 in New Jersey. Amanda Freitag bio is not known to the wide circle of people yet.

Paul Freitag, her father, worked as a manager in a computer company and her mother, Kathleen Freitag, served at Verizon. Her parents were extremely busy and that’s why they had hot home dinner not very often. Amanda and her elder brothers, Jason and Justin, had to microwave frozen food. That was the reason, why the girl got fond of cooking.
Amanda Freitag

She attended Cedar Grove High School. After that the girl decided to choose cooking (that was one of her greatest hobbies) as a career. She entered Culinary Institute of America and got her education, working at a local restaurant at a time.

In her institute Amanda met sexism for the first time. There she felt, that male chefs were preferred by her teachers. One of her teachers even advised her to serve as a secretary instead of cooking.

After graduation, Amanda Freitag found a job at Vong New York Restaurant. Then she worked in various famous restaurants and soon became a well known chef with great reputation. She travelled around the world, studied French, Italian, Thai cuisine and then put her knowledge into practice.

Later she opened her first restaurant. Amanda Freitag restaurants, where she served as a chef, soon got popular, because she had that unique cooking style, based on combination of various cuisines.
Amanda Freitag

Amanda Freitag gained worldwide fame, when she became a judge at a culinary TV show “Chopped”. She took part in other culinary TV shows too such as “Iron Chef America”, “The Martha Stewart Show” etc.

Not long ago the star chef opened her restaurant in New York with 2 co-partners and is working hard in order to make it popular.

In fact, she always works hard – from morning till night – and it is one more secret of her success.
Amanda Freitag

Amanda Freitag Salary

Per year: $225,000

Per month: $18,750

Per week: $4,700

Per day: $670

Amanda Freitag age is 43. She earns her money as a chef and as a TV personality. Now she is a co-host of the show “American Diner Revival”.

She is not extremely rich, but her net worth is quite impressive. She gets salary from her regular work as a chef, from her appearances on TV and from her job as a co-host of TV show.
Amanda Freitag

She is the owner of the restaurant in New York and it is also a source of income for the celebrity.

Amanda Freitag is very devoted to her job. She is fond of various cuisines like French or Thai. But her favorite cuisine is American. She knows unique recipes and is always ready to share them with the audience at various TV shows, where she appears as a guest.

Amanda Freitag has made a wonderful career, but she is always afraid of failure. That’s why she moves forward all the time.

Golden Grahams Fried Chicken by Amanda Freitag

Amanda Freitag Personal Life

Personal life of Amanda Freitag is another topic her fans like to discuss. Is Amanda Freitag married? No, she is not married and she had never been married and most of Americans think, it is an unusual fact. Amanda is 43 already and her fans hope to see Amanda Freitag husband or at least, Amanda Freitag ex-husband, but she tells that she is single in her interviews.

It was rumored that Amanda Freitag is a lesbian, but this information is not proved and the star never agrees or denies this fact.
Amanda Freitag

Most of Americans think that if a person is not partnered to a certain age, it is quite strange. That’s why the loneliness of the star chef causes a lot of rumors. Probably, she will find a loved one soon and her fans would feel much better. But now she has the only love affair – with cooking.

Amanda Freitag House

It is always interesting to know, what property millionaires own, what kind of houses they live at and what vehicles they drive.

Amanda Freitag  Car

It is not known, if Amanda Freitag owns any house or apartment and if she has a great car, but for sure, one thing she has bought not long ago is known to everyone.
Amanda Freitag

The star chef has bought and rebuilt the restaurant “Empire Diner”. This venue was quite popular in New York, many famous actors used to visit it.
After Amanda Freitag had changed it, the restaurant was re-opened. It is a pity, but not all the visitors liked the new atmosphere in a restaurant. Some of them were disappointed by high prices and poor service. “Why should we pay for Amanda’s Freitag name?” some of them wonder.

Sautéed Trout and Orzo with Amanda Freitag

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