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How rich is Alli Simpson?

Alli Simpson net worth is yet not counted.

Date of Birth: 24 April, 1998 (Age: 18)

Place of Birth: Gold Coast, Australia

Nationality: Australian

Source of wealth: modeling, TV

Alli Simpson net worth

Alli Simpson 

Alli Simpson is the Australian model, movie presenter and teen TV start, whose career started not long ago with a channel Nickelodeon. But what were the initial steps and who was the main supporter in life?

Born in 1998, she was raised with two brothers. Elder one Code made the biggest impact on her upbringing, because made the art atmosphere from the very childhood. They both are oriented on entertainment industry, which is blooming fast nowadays, which may also bring money to live and develop the skills and talents by getting the proper education.

In Homeland she began working in fashion industry, by endorsing shoe company, called “Love Pastry”. This was very important not to be afraid of camera and exactly advertisements helped the young star in it.

Alli Simpson net worth

Alli Simpson

Source of wealth:

Fashion modeling: “Love Pastry” in Australia,


Alli-Simpson for Love Pastry

TV: she can be seen in the variety of projects produced by Nickelodeon, never mentioning programs she is asked to take part in as a special guest.

Alli Simpson for Nickelodeon

Alli Simpson for Nickelodeon

Films: the fame found her after the movie “12 Dogs of Christmas…”


Alli Simpson in 12 Dogs of Christmas

YouTube: Alli does not stop on achieved and actively does music videos work, releasing them on the own channel. There are more than 560 000 subscribers and the most popular video was watched 16 million times. 

There is also account in Instagram, where a lot of photos are posted to attract fans all over the world.

Radio: Alli is also Radio Disney host, you can listen her every Friday night.

House: The well-known facts is she stays with her brother Cody in Los Angeles, where they appear together on shows and parties, becoming the most popular siblings of the present age.

Insight Alli Simpson house

Insight Simpson`s house

However, the young lady also spends much time resting at home in Australia. 


Alli Simpson and her family in Australia

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