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How much money Allen Iverson has?

Allen Iverson net worth

Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson net worth is $1 million

Date of Birth: 7 June, 1975

Place of Birth: Hampton, Virginia, USA

Nationality: American

Source of wealth: sport, endorsement

There is no certain information about the annual income of basketball player, because he had spent all his state during not very long period, and now the expenses are even bigger than income.

Allen Iverson is a famous American basketball team presenter, who received many awards for games in different periods and even holds the record of highest scoring.

How much is Allen Iverson worth?

Now he owns practically nothing, because all material values are gone. However, years ago, when he was active enough playing for reams he had been earning more than $150,000,000. Nowadays there are only taxes. But how was it all previously?

Born in 1975, he began the career from High School. After it got the promotion to Georgetown University; but while studying there was a story, when Allen had a fight in a bar and was going to be sentenced to prison. However, his coach, whose name is John Tompson, interrupted the process and made the young man studying and playing basketball for the university team. It was him to make the first and very influential impact on the future of great basketball leader.

Allen Iverson net worth

Allen Iverson

2 years after studying was asked to become a member of a team to play in NBA Draft. Then he was playing for Philadelphia 76ers (till 2000). While making steps to the aim, Allen played for different USA teams.

Source of wealth:

Championships: Annual NBA championships;

Being a member of 76ers (1996-2000), Memphis Grizzles (2009-2010) and Detroit Pistons (2008-2009). In 2010 signed a 2-year deal, which cost $4,000,000 with Besiktas Club in Istanbul.

Music: in 2000 released a single, which did not gain much success, so he quitted it and music at all.

Endorsement: being an attraction to people, he became a face for big companies, what brought him fame and $30 million salary.

Allen Iverson Cars

The car the sportsman drives are Bentley GT, Hummer H1 Alpha HX and Cadillac Escalade.

Allen Iverson car

Allen Iverson. Bentley GT

Allen Iverson car

Allen Iverson. Hummer H1 Alpha HX

Allen Iverson Houses

The fact is he lives in a house in Atlanta, the price of which is nearly $4,500,000.

Allen Iverson house

Allen Iverson. House in Atlanta

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