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How much is Alistair Overeem worth?

Alistair Overeem net worth is $5 million

Date of Birth: 17 May, 1980 (Age: 36)

Place of Birth: Hounslow, England

Nationality: British

Source of wealth: sport

Alistair Overeem net worth

Alistair Overeem

Alistair Overeem is kickboxer, an athlete and champion, who owns different titles and bouts, which bring him not only moral satisfaction because of achieving the main goal, but also wealth. So,

How much is Alistair Overeem worth?

The sportsman may boast with $5,000,000 state, gained through the sport career. It started in teens, while studying at high school, for him to adore sports – firstly it was basketball, judo and athletics. But in one moment everything changed.

What were the initial steps, and whose impact on Alistair future is the most significant?

Born in 1980 in grey and wet England, he grew up in Netherland. While attending school as a usual child – what captured his imagination was sport.

Under the brother’s influence, Alistair began visiting kick boxing classes to gain practical knowledge. First professional fight occurred at the age of 19. Since that time the career started. Alistair is appearing in the variety of rates, national and abroad, having competitive scores after fights. In the last years one more event happened – the boxer failed the drug test and was unable to fight against Dos Santos.

This made a black spot on his career and now it may be somehow difficult to renew the name and vogue.

Alistair Overeem net worth

Alistair Overeem

Source of wealth

The debut in-ring event occurred in 1999. The next year he started fighting for Pride Fighting Championships. Also Alistair trained to compete for Dream and Dynamite championship bouts, which received in some time.

Throughout the ten year fighting career, he got 48 MMA bouts and 10 kickboxing bouts, which are the best proves of his sport talent.


But the main award was got in 2011 – UFC championship bout.

Alistair Overeem net worth

Alistair Overeem

Endorsements: he did F3 Nutrition Train to Annihilate commercial

Cars: the vehicles he drives are Audi Q7,  Audi Q5

 Audi Q7

Audi Q7

Audi Q5

Audi Q5

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