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Alice Walton Net Worth


Alica Walton Net Worth

Alica Walton

Alice Walton net worth is $30, 2 billion dollars.

Date of birth: 7 October, 1949 (Age: 66)

Place of birth: Newport, Arkansas, USA

Nationality: American

Religion: Christian

Source of wealth: Wal-Mart

Alice Walton Salary

Per year: $0

Per month: $0

Per week: $0

Per day: $0

Many of us dream to have multi-million net worth. Thus it is possible not to think about money and live the life we like, have free time for hobbies and homemade parties.

Alica Walton is the person of that kind. In her quite long life she has made the main achievement, just being a baby. She managed to be born in the family of a rich businessman Sam Walton, who founded Wal-Mart stores.

Alica Walton Net Worth

Alice Walton

Alice is not interested in the life of her family corporation. She lives her own life, doesn’t work and collect art pieces. In 2009 she opened the museum, where the pictures of the most famous painters in the world were presented. Alica Walton had such cult artists in her collection like Pablo Picasso, Asher Brown Durand, Thomas Cole and many others.

Alice Walton is fond of horses too. They say, she is good in this area and can see at first sight if a little foal has any chances to become a fast horse in future.

Alice is divorced, she has no children. The rich woman is known as the lover of strong alcohol beverages and was arrested for driving under influence numerous times. Once she even was involved into a car accident, when 50 year old woman was killed. But a billionaire Walton managed to avoid punishment.

How much is Alice Walton worth?

Alice Walton doesn’t work, so she gets no salary. She owns billions, which her father left to his daughter. The woman spends most part of her money for art works and brand clothes. She likes horses too. Alica is named by Forbes as the richest woman in the world. She is not interested in business, but shows great interest in policy. In 2004 she financed Presidential Campaign.

Alice Walton Houses

  1. Rocking W Ranch – $16, 5 million
Alica Walton House

Alice Walton. Rocking W Ranch

Alice Walton Car

  1. Ford F-150 King – $38, 250
Alica Walton Car

Alice Walton. Ford F-150 King

Alice lives a calm life at her Rocking W Ranch. She likes to stay in silence, most part of her time the billionaire spends with her horses.

Till now she is caught, driving drunk from time to time. She was involved into at least 4 car accidents during her life. On her 62nd birthday a woman was arrested drunk again. She admitted her fault. Again the famous old lady got no punishment.

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