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How rich is Alexis Knapp?

Alexis Knapp net worth

Alexis Knapp

Alexis Knapp net worth is $32,000,000

Date of Birth: 31 July, 1989 (Age: 26)

Place of Birth: Pennsylvania, USA

Nationality: American

Source of wealth: modeling, TV, films

Alexis Knapp salary:

Per year: $3,878,780

Per month: $323,231

Per week: $80,807

Per day: $11,543

Alexis Knapp is a unique and talented American model, film presenter and TV host, whose career started not long ago from endorsement industry, which brings not only fame, but money.

How much is Alexis Knapp worth?

She may boast with $32,000,000 state and over $3,500,000 annual income, gained mostly from TV and film releases.

Now her name is common mostly because of TV shows she participated in. But what were the initial steps in career and life?

Alexis was born in 1989 to parents, who have no connection with acting craft. At the age of 18 after the high school, a young lady changed the living space and moved to Los Angeles to fall completely in modeling and acting. Her appearance allowed Alexis to do that. However, there is no much information about Alexis studying, because from late teens she started working on beauty department.

Alexis Knapp net worth

Alexis Knapp

Sources of wealth:

Modeling: being a face for many companies and taking part in the variety of endorsement projects, she has earned approximately $862,745.

TV: signing the contract with her first cinema employer, she made a great deal for the future; because TV production lets the member to gain experience quickly and become familiar with camera and all around as well as become well-introduced to wide range of audience.

Super Fun Night”,

Project X”,

Pitch Perfect”.

Pitch Perfect 2” – $2,667,667

The future star led also the famous online series about video game “World of Warcraft”.

Movies: more serious offers came after Alexis appearance on screen. They were:

One” – $2,000,000

Grace” – $1,828,570

The Anomaly” – $1,641,000

Also she made a character for a role in short movie “Wracked”.

Due to the fact Alexis Knapp spends much time in Hollywood, working on new and new roles to please fans, she stays in the Los Angeles big house with her daughter, born in 2011. Unfortunately, there is no information about the car she drives.

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