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Alexander McQueen Net Worth

Alexander McQueen net worth is $30 Million.

Date of Birth: March 17, 1969Alexander McQueen

Nationality: British

Religion: Non Religious

Alexander McQueen designer committed a suicide in February, 2010. His tragic death is the real proof of the fact the happiness can’t be bought for money. Most of us can just dream about the net worth of $30 million. But he, who owned the best clothes, jewelry, expensive cars and houses, decided to hang himself. What made the rich and talented Alexander McQueen unhappy?

Life and Death

Lee Alexander McQueen was born on the 17th of March in 1969. He was a son of a teacher, Joyce, and of a taxi driver, Ronald. He spent his childhood in London. When the boy was 16, he dropped out school. The reason was his homosexuality. Boys teased Alexander and he couldn’t stand it anymore.

He found a job at the tailor’s shop, where he helped the owner to create man’s suits. He continued his career, working as a costume designer for some London Theater. Later he moved to Milan, doing the same job. After his successful work at Milan, Alexander (or “Lee” as he was called by his brothers and sisters – he had 5 of them) had already known exactly, that he wanted to become fashion designer. He entered Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design and got his Master Degree in 1992. It was the time to start his own business. His clothes that he made for women got very popular. It was he, who designed woman’s pants with extremely low waist line that soon got popular all over the world. In 2000 51% of stocks of his company was bought by Gucci. Alexander’s name gradually got more and more popular in the world of fashion.
Alexander McQueen

From 1996 to 2001 Alexander McQueen served as chief designer for Givenchy. The appointment of Alexander was a revolutionary decision for brand owners. In fact, Givenchy fashion house – favorite one of tender Audrey Hepburn – was known for its sweet and extremely womanlike collections. Alexander McQueen’s aggressive fashion styling was shocking for fans of Givenchy, but just at first sight. Soon the fashion house became even more popular with contradictory collections of McQueen.

In 2001 he left Givenchy and founded his own label. In 2003 he got the British Award as the best designer of the year. He got this award 4 times.Alexander McQueen

Fashion designer was openly homosexual and had never tried to cover this fact from public. Once he even got married his male partner, George Forsyth, filmmaker. But the ceremony was not official. They separated soon.

In 2010 Alexander lost his mother. She died from cancer and he felt extremely frustrated by this fact. His friends tried to support the designer, but couldn’t. On the 11th of February, 2010 he took his own life. His housekeeper found Alexander in his house. He hung himself. He did it on the 9th day after his mother’s death. The Master was drugged.Alexander McQueen

Earnings before Death and after Death

Per year: £10 million

Per month: £ 833, 000

Per week: £208, 000

Per day: £29, 700

The source of income of Alexander McQueen was fashion. He created several fashion collections per year. Every dress, or costume, or bag from Alexander McQueen’s brand cost thousands of dollars, but women bought them like hot pies in winter. Among Alexander’s clients there were some really famous women. Thus Kate Winslet put on a dress from McQueen for Academy Awards in 1998, when famous “Titanic” swept the board. David Bowie, Meg Mathews and other celebrities bought their clothes from McQueen. It was he, who discovered the great talent of Gisele Bundchen.

Alexander McQueen Alexander McQueen

Now Alexander Lee has been dead for 5 years already. But his brand still remains successful. Alexander McQueen brand was inherited by his father, two brothers and three sisters. Designer had no children, so his siblings are the owners of his property and assets now. Alexander McQueen Company remains popular and very profitable now. Master’s siblings get millions from the brand of their late brother.

Alexander McQueen Houses

Houses and cars of rich Alexander McQueen are put for sale now.

  1. Two-bedroom hideaway – £ 695, 000

Alexander McQueen house is put on sale now. The secret place of designer, where he took some rest between his fashion shows, is situated on the coast of Sussex and the light of France can be watched just from its window.

Alexander McQueen House Alexander McQueen House

  1. Three-bedroomed Mayfair House – £ 7, 25 million

Not long ago the property of designer was finally sold. It stood empty three years after his tragic death. The apartment is situated in the heart of London. It is not known exactly, if Alexander McQueen used this luxurious place for his rest. Probably, he had appeared in his home not so often. But the luxurious apartment was designed by talented hand of McQueen. Now the new owners will, probably, change its design.

Alexander McQueen House Alexander McQueen house

Alexander McQueen Car

1969 Chevrolet – £100, 000

The great old fashioned purple car was one of the most favorite for the Master.

Hopefully, the new owners of the houses and cars of Alexander McQueen will keep his unusual style.

Paris Mode January 2004 – Alexander McQueen

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