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Alex Rodriguez Net Worth

Alex Rodriguez net worth is $252 million.

Alex Rodriguez Net Worth

Date of Birth: July 27, 1975

Nationality: American

Religion: Christian

He is one of the most successful baseball players in the world. The boy was fond of baseball mostly due to his father as he played baseball faithfully.

The boy was born in July, 1975 in New York. His parents were Victor Rodriguez and Lourdes Navarro. They had three children; Alex was the youngest of them. Alex’s family immigrated to USA from Dominican Republic. That’s why Alex Rodriguez nationality is quite arguable. He is the citizen of USA, but Hispanic according to his origin.

Alex Rodriguez bio is full of victories. He told later, it was because of his father. Victor used to be a devoted baseball player and a successful businessman. He owned the shoe shop in Miami and earned enough to support his family. His parents divorced, when Alex was just 9. It influenced Alex very much. He started to play baseball eagerly. Besides he studied well at Westminster Christian High School and played both, football and baseball at school. His mother worked hard all day long as a waitress and secretary to provide her three children for everything necessary. Alex felt sorry for his mom and dreamed that he would earn enough to support his mother.

Alex Rodriguez Salary

Per year: $21 million
Per month: $1, 75 million
Per week: $437,500
Per day: $62,500
Alex Rodriguez age is just 40. He had made a great way from the poor boy to the world star of baseball. What does he do to earn $62,500 per day?

The most part of his money the player gets from Alex Rodriguez contract with New York Yankees. According to this contract, the basic salary of the star is $21 million per year. Besides the basic salary Alex Rodriguez is supposed to get bonus money in case he gets some new award or will help the team to win.

The contract is signed for 10 years, so the fans of Rodriguez baseball can be sure – their favorite player is guaranteed to have great salary for years!Alex Rodriguez Net Worth

In 2014, however, the earnings of Alex Rodriguez shortened. It was connected with the drug scandal. The baseball player was banned by Major League Baseball (MLB) for using performance-enhancing drugs. He didn’t take part in baseball season 2014 and that’s why his salary was much lower. Still he has got just $5, 5 million of bonus money.

Drug scandal had a negative impact on Alex Rodriguez income and not just because it spoiled his reputation and career in sport. Endorsement deals of the baseball player were suspended too.

He took part in Pepsi Cola commercial and it brought millions to him. After the scandal he is hard to be chosen for endorsement deals. Famous brands won’t offer the baseball player a contract because of his ruined reputation. Alex Rodriquez lost a lot of deals because of the drug scandal. But earlier the baseball player collected numerous awards.
Alex Rodriguez Net Worth

Alex Rodriguez Awards

Alex Rodriguez is a unique sportsman. He is now 40, it is the age, when career in sport comes to an end and it is the time to summarize. During his extremely successful career, he signed two biggest contracts. Thus he made a deal with Texas Rangers in 2000 for $252 million and with New York Yankees for $275 million in 2007.
Alex Rodriguez became one of the most high-paid players for his talent to baseball playing. For his talent he was awarded numerous times.Alex Rodriguez Net Worth

He got the Best Baseball Player ESPY Award in 2008. Besides he received American League Most Valuable Player Award three times. Thus Alex Rodriguez proved many times, he was worth that money he had got from Yankees.
Being one of the richest sport stars in the world, Alex doesn’t forget to spend some part of his income for charity. Thus he spent $3.9 million to restore the baseball stadium in the University of Miami. Alex Rodriguez likes baseball very much, but it is not the only one his passion. The sportsman is fond of collecting arts and has a marvelous house.

Alex Rodriguez Houses

Alex Rodriguez house (Los Angeles) – $5 million
Alex has bought that comfortable house from Meryl Strep. The house is marvelous. It has several large bedrooms, a big sitting room and a terrace. There’s a swimming pool just in the house, where it is possible to take a big swim. There’s a fireplace in the house too.
Alex Rodriguez Net Worth house
Alex Rodriguez Net Worth house
Alex Rodriguez Net Worth house

Personal life of the baseball player was quite complicated. In 2002 he got married Cynthia Scurtis, a psychologist. The couple had two daughters. But Alex had numerous love affairs with other women. It was the main reason of their divorce in 2008. After that he dated various beautiful and famous women like Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, Torrie Wilson etc. He is officially single nowadays, but he has a great house, where he is the only master.

Earlier Alex owned Miami house as well, but he has sold it for $30 million.

Later he got Miami Beach condo for $2 million.

Alex Rodriguez Cars

Gulfstream IV jet – $3,833,166
Mercedes Benz – $72, 000
Alex Rodriguez is fond of different kinds of transport. He has Mercedes Benz, the car of the highest quality. The sportsman owns Gulfstream IV jet too.
Alex Rodriguez Net Worth car
Alex Rodriguez Net Worth car
Alex Rodriguez Net Worth
Alex Rodriguez Net Worth

Alex Rodriguez knows how to earn money. He also knows how to spend them. Alex Rodriguez has made a great career and he has everything now!

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