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How rich is Alex Jones?

Alex Jones net worth

Alex Jones

Alex Jones net worth is $8,000,000

Date of Birth: 11 February, 1974 (Age: 42)

Place of Birth: Dallas, Texas

Nationality: American

Source of wealth: films, books, radio

Alex Jones salary:

Per year: $1,500,000

Per month: $125,000

Per week: $31,250

Per day: $4,464

Alex Jones net worth

Alex Jones

Alex Jones is a spokesman, movie producer and the author of two books. Living in the most well-developed country America, he is going to find some controversial between government and society, making bright speeches on radio and publishing the books, which probably get the success. All the activities he does, bring not only fame, but also wealth.

How much is Alex Jones worth?

The public and radio activist can boast with $8,000,000 and nearly $1,500,000 annual income. His career started from protest against social injustice, fighting for some social issues. This man is famous for contradiction views, written in the variety of articles and their collections – books. There is practically no information about his childhood or education. The impression is he was born and began to struggle.

The audience reaches the point of nearly 15 million per week, and it means his popularity is just growing, and the ideas told are more and moiré popular, gaining its support.

Sources of wealth:

Radio: “Alex Jones Show” – which is translated on many radio stations throughout USA;

He also leads such websites as and Alex also holds the YouTube channel, where the subscribers can be counted in 760,000. Those are the best proves of his vogue and success.

Film producing: “America: Destroyed by Design” and 30 more additional film, short and full-lent”.

Books: “9-11: Descent into Tyranny” and “The answer to 1984 is 1776”

Alex Jones is famous for his tricks with words, used in programs, where he includes the psychological mystery to attract people every new time.

Alex Jones House 

The luxury property he owns is Dogwood Creek Home, the price of which is $1,000,000. Unfortunately, there is no information about the car this interesting and unordinary man drives.

Alex Jones House

Alex Jones. Dogwood

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