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Al Gore net income

Al Gore net worth

Al Gore

Al Gore net worth is $300 million

Date of Birth: 31 March, 1948 (Age: 67)

Place of Birth: Washington, USA

Nationality: American

Source of wealth: politics, books

Al Gore salary:

Per year: $11,764,706

Per month: $980,392

Per week: $245,098

Per day: $35,014

Al Gore is a unique American politician, whose bright career started at the age of 28. He is famous not only for career in that department, but also for articles and books published in past and now about environmental protection.

Al Gore net worth

Al Gore

How much is Al Gore worth?

He can boast with $300,000,000 state and more than $11,000,000 annual income. Al is a former Vice president and senator, politician and very ambitious man, who achieved high goals in life and work. How did all start and who played an essential role in choosing future profession?

Born in 1948 in a great family of senator, he from childhood was under the pressure of father authority. Al attended St. Albans School, where as all boys that age fancied different games with ball and other activities. In some time entered Harvard University, where got the degree Bachelor of Arts. But all in all went serving in Army and was taken as a correspondent to Vietnam. After coming back the young man finished the studying at Vanderbilt University Divinity School.

The political activity started at the age of 28, when Mr. Gore was elected to Congress. In 16 years he took part in the President Run, but failed and became the Vice President, supporting Bill Clinton.

Source of wealth:

Except politics, he founded Current TV, which did not gain much success, but which was purchased for the good money – $500,000 in 2012. This TV through the years of its being earned Al nearly $100,000.

Besides, he is the owner of Apple purchasing values, that bring him approximately $35,000,000 state.

Award: Academy Award for “Inconvenient Truth”

Publications: “We can’t Wish Away the Climate Change”, appeared in NY Times, and “Climate Change Action Plan”.

Property he ows:

House in Belle Meade area, in Nashville, USA.

Al Gore House

Al Gore. Property in Belle Meade area

No information about cars he drives.

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