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Adam LaRoche Net Worth

Adam LaRoche net worth is $35 million dollars.

Adam LaRoche Net Worth

Adam LaRoche

Date of Birth: 6 November, 1979 (Age: 36)

Nationality: American

Religion: Christian

Adam LaRoche Salary

Per year: $13 million

Per month: $1, 1 million

Per week: $270, 833

Per day: $38, 690

Adam LaRoche used to be a professional baseball player. In spring, 2016 he announced his intention to leave baseball and start some other career. Thus the baseball star lost $13 million salary. What was the reason of his fast retirement?

Adam’s career was extremely successful. During the years of his career he managed to earn $35 million net worth (according to Forbes). He played for such popular clubs as Pittsburgh Pirates, Washington Nationals and many others. LaRoche signed the last contract in his career with Chicago White Sox.

David Adam LaRoche was born in California in a family of a professional baseball player, Dave LaRoche. The boy liked playing baseball from the very childhood. At first he played as an amateur and later started career of a baseball player professionally.

He started his career as a participant of Atlanta Braves and showed his best on the field. The talented and charismatic player was noticed. He got numerous awards and became internationally popular.

Adam LaRoche signed contracts with various baseball clubs. Each contract was more profitable for Adam than the previous one. Have a look at his earnings!

How Much Is Adam LaRoche Worth 

Adam LaRoche Net Worth

Adam LaRoche

During one year in Chicago White Sox, Adam got $13 million salary. To compare, in his former club “Washington Nationals”, the baseball star got much less. He had $8 million deal in 2012.

But the player easily stopped his contract and lost the money.

Adam LaRoche left Chicago White Sox, because he was offended by the executives. They forbade Adam to take his son-teenager to the Club every day. “Parents don’t bring children to work every day”, thus commented their decision one of the executives. Adam likes his son Drake most of all and that’s why he decided to quit his job, if his son was forbidden to come.

Adam LaRoche is also a father of a daughter. He lives with his wife Jen and two children in a big mansion.

Adam LaRoche Houses 

1. House in Orange Country, CA – $780, 000 (approximately)

Adam LaRoche Net Worth

Adam LaRoche

It is not known, what car Adam LaRoche has. He resides in his native Orange Country, CA. He owns a big house together with his son, daughter and their mother, Jenn. Adam spends all his money for his family and some of his hobbies, like fishing, hunting and golf playing.

Adam LaRoche Cars

Unfortunately, there is no information about cars he has got.

Adam LaRoche enjoys calm and beautiful life.

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