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How much is A.J Cook worth?

A.J Cook net worth

A.J Cook

A.J Cook net worth is $4 million

Date of Birth: 22 July, 1978

Place of Birth: Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Nationality: Canadian

Source of wealth: movies, TV, dance

A.J. Cook salary:

In 2015 her income was $750,000.

The previous yearly income is like: in 2014 – $588,230, in 2013 – $511,500, in 2012 – $392,150, in 2011 – $317,900. As it can be seen her salary is growing, which is the best prove of talent and success among other stars as well as among fans.

A. J. Cook is a beautiful woman, charming dancer and TV star. She earned her state not only from movies, but also from endorsement and dance competitions.

How much is A.J. Cook worth?

She can boast with $4,000,000 state and nearly $750,000 annual income. From childhood she wanted to be a professional dancer and even started gaining skills at the age f 4. Now A.J. is not only a well-known actress, but also a public worker and spokesman. She gets lots of offers from different organizations, because the endorsement career was started in teens.

Born in 1978, she probably did not know what the rest is: attending many afterschool groups, such as dance, music and tap classes, she grew up very educated and practically orientated girl. The turn occurred, when Mrs. Cook was 16 years old. She mostly stopped dancing and focused on acting lifestyle. Her education – Utah University – was tightly connected with cinema classes she was taking in order to join in future the Hollywood team. That is what she successfully did.

A.J Cook net worth

A.J Cook

Even some health problems did not stop her from achieving the aim – she had an eye surgery. But it could not be done until the certain age, that is why A.J was waiting until 2007. Hopefully, now everything is alright.

Source of wealth:

Movies: “Mother’s Day” – $115,500. The film is a thriller with a horrible plot and some changes with characters throughout the film. It was released in 2010, starring famous actors, but A.J. role was not central.

A.J.Cook in 'Mother's Day'

A.J.Cook in ‘Mother’s Day’

Bringing Ashley Home” – $285,714.  Being released in 2011, it tells about relationships inside a family, where there is a member, suffering nervous disease, who soon disappeared.

Wer” – $1,916,000.  The movie is based on thriller and detective plot and is circled around the murder mystery, the criminal and lawyer. Something is wrong in their relations.

A.J. Cook in 'Wer'

A.J. Cook in ‘Wer’

Least among Saints” – $437,500 is a drama, which saw the world in 2012. The main character is a marine, who just came back home. The role she made here is a neighbor, who is defended by marine from a boyfriend – it is not that central, but essential.

Misconceptions” – $346,450 is a short movie, which was released in 2012. Participating in it was a kind of new experience.

AJ Cook in 'Misconceptions'

AJ Cook in ‘Misconceptions’

TV: “CBS: Crime Investigation”, “Tru calling”. The debut occurred with the on-screen program, called “In his Father’s Shoes”. She is not likely to appear in any TV –running program nowadays.

She also appears in role of spokeswoman for “Proactiv”.

Public work: as a kind of volunteer from Mormons, this kind woman helps those, who suffer.

Endorsement: activity in this field was started in young age for big companies like “McDonald’s”.

It is known the actress and very active in many spheres lady lives in Los Angeles with family in a big house.

Unfortunately, there is no information about car she drives.

A.J Cook net worth

A.J Cook

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